Taccia Jeans Collection

Taccia Jeans Collection #5 Classic Ink Bottle

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Taccia fountain pen ink is developed and made in Japan, and inspired by the Japanese way of seeing colors in a very pure, honest and innocent way. All of the colors should give you the feeling you had when were a child and saw a set of crayons for the first time.

Taccia inks have the perfect balance of permeability and viscosity so that it flows nicely on paper, but is not harsh on pen nibs. The pH value of the ink is neutral, and is formulated so not to damage pen resins or celluloid.

The 2020 Jeans collection are inspired by various denim washes to express varying tones of blue.

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R. in CT
Expressly for condolences

The Taccia Jeans series is well suited for notes of sympathy. In this color line, "Black" and "Dark Washed" (i.e. blue-black) would satisfy the strictest etiquette experts for a formal letter of condolence. The "Navy" ink could suggest respect for a deceased sailor or yachtsman, while "Indigo" could subtly signify that one had read an obituary with rather more appreciation than would be seemly to acknowledge openly. Finally, the nearly unreadable "Grey" could symbolize that one's grief was such that the ink had been diluted by copious tears.

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