Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series Fountain Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series Fountain Pen - Truphae ExclusiveVisconti Rembrandt Valor Series Fountain Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series Fountain Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series - Alpha Yellow Resin Fountain Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series Fountain Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Valor - Liberty Blue Resin With Red Streaks Fountain Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series Fountain Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Valor - Quicksilver Soft Grey/Silver Body
Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series Fountain Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series - Windrider Turquoise Body with Rose Gold Trim

Visconti Rembrandt Valor Series Fountain Pen

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Made from natural variegated resin, the Visconti Rembrandt collection emulates Rembrandt's painting technique known as chiaroscuro, with small marblings of light in the resin.

The cap uses a simple magnetic closure and features a metal ring engraved with ornamental motifs used by Rembrandt. 

The Visconti clip represents the historic Ponte Vecchio Bridge. This fountain pen features a stainless steel nib.

A converter is included, and it also accepts standard international short cartridges.

About The Series

We are proud to introduce the first-ever dealer exclusive Visconti Rembrandt collection.

It features 4 pens with bold and vibrant colors that represent strength and honor. These limited production pens will sell very quickly as they were limited to less than 40 pens in each color.

Some colors may be limited to just 20 pieces. 

Alpha is a bright yellow resin with rose gold trim. 

Liberty is a blue resin with vibrant red streaks, and silver trim. 

Quicksilver is a soft grey color with flashes of red and pink streaks, and silver trim. 

Windrider is a turquoise resin with rose gold trim.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Friedrich D
A ray of sunshine

Truphae has hit this exclusive Rembrandt out of the park. The rose gold trim compliments the warm sunshine glow of the Alpha finish perfectly. The nib wet and juicy will be sure to paint the page causing much joy for years to come. I can only hope that Truphae continues to remember folks like myself that have a weakness for yellow pens.

Visconti's Quality Control Has Struck Again

Visconti is one of those companies with a reputation that precedes them. It seems like reviews are always very split. Either it is the greatest pen the user has ever owned, or the worst.

The pen I received is certainly not the worst pen I have ever owned, but has numerous flaws unbecoming of a nearly $200 fountain pen. Let me start by saying I have been a fountain pen collector and user for years now, but this was my first Visconti. I had always been troubled by the reviews and the price of the more famous lines. But this limited edition was a lovely color and much more affordable (for a Visconti at least), so it seemed worth the risk.

Out of the box, the pen is a wonderful color, a sort of muted metallic gray swirl with faint hints of read. Notably there is no purple hue, as the pictures (or just my monitor) might suggest. I purchased Quicksilver, with the intent of using it with some of my favorite gray inks (think Sailor 123). Unfortunately, right out of the box there were some obvious quality control issues. As I unscrewed the barrel from the section it was notably gritty. It felt like the threads connecting the two had been cheaply machined, and the grittiness only got worse as I continued to unscrew the two. Upon inspection, there were numerous flakes of the resin in the threads, at though the pen had never been cleaned after the barrel was shaped. Even careful cleaning of these flakes was only able to improve the screw action somewhat, and I maintain that the machining is subpar for this price point. During writing the barrel began to loosen from the section twice within the space of a couple pages. Perhaps I had under tightened it, but I feel as though much greater force would have been excessive.

Another slight, and I do mean slight, QC issue can be found on the finial. The Visconti logo is not quite aligned with the clip. They are only out of phase by a couple degrees, but it is noticeable, and I have heard that it may be even more severe on other Rembrandts. It is one of those attention to detail things that separates good pens from great pens.

On to the nib, the real crux of any fountain pen. This nib is just a mess. It writes smooth enough, when it writes. Unfortunately, that is not often. Even with a fresh inking, this pen began hard starting after a couple paragraphs, followed by regular skipping. And these were particularly egregious hard-starts, not a miss on the first stroke after a short pause. The pen would stop writing and require a full prime from the converter to get back up and running. In examining the tines, they are noticeably far apart. Far enough to easily break capillary action and struggle to regain function. It is also worth noting that the feed was not well aligned with the nib, this may also have something to do with the flow issues.

At the end of the day, I feel like this pen had tremendous potential. It is a limited edition, Truphae Exclusive, from a particularly famous brand. If only Visconti could have come through on the quality. Frankly, I would be perfectly happy with the pen if the nib simply wrote consistently. For the moment this will likely go into storage until I find some time to work on the nib, or simply send the pen out for professional work. At this price point there is some particularly stiff competition in the fountain pen world, and I can't say that this pen comes out on top.

Cynthia Gibson
Beautiful pen — and oh, the ink!

My first Inkredible box: out of the ballpark! A beautiful Visconti limited edition pen, and, Lamy’s Cristal Ink in — not red, not purple, not fuchsia, but cochineal! BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!

Eva Gonzales
5 Stars

Great buy! Fast shipping! Would definitely use again!

Amy Hawkins
5 Stars

Amazing communications, and item EXACTLY as promised! Awesome seller!

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