Cartridge Fountain Pens: Love Them Or Hate Them? (Video)

Cartridge Fountain Pens: Love Them Or Hate Them? (Video)


If you’re new to the Truphae family, you may expect that filling and refilling your fountain pen will be both messy and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


In fact, fountain pen manufacturers at all price points offer designs compatible with easy to use ink cartridges. While there are some disadvantages to choosing cartridges over bottled inks, there are also plenty of advantages as well.


Learn more by watching our latest video: Fountain Pen Cartridges: Love Them or Hate Them?





Easy to Use

The best part about cartridges is that they are easy to use. Simply insert a new one into the body of your pen until its top portion is punctured, and you’re done. 


Even cleaning is easy with cartridges. In between colors, just use a bulb syringe to run warm water through your nib, pat it dry with a paper towel, and insert your new ink color.


To change an empty cartridge, pull out the old one, and replace it with a new cartridge. You can do this virtually anywhere as it’s easy to carry extra cartridges wherever you go, so you can pop in a new one whenever necessary.




There are a few minor disadvantages that come with using ink cartridges in your fountain pens. For example, sometimes new cartridges don’t start immediately. However, you can encourage your ink to flow by gently squeezing your cartridge or by leaving your pen sitting vertically for a while. Gravity will help draw ink down into your nib. 


Colors and Limitations

Another limitation you may face when using an ink cartridge is finding one that fits in your particular model of fountain pen. While some pens use standard size cartridges, many manufacturers have chosen to make their pens compatible only with their proprietary cartridge designs.


It’s annoying because you may want to use a certain shade of ink in your fountain pen, but that cartridge just won’t fit. For the most part, however, this issue is a small one. There are still plenty of colors to choose from.


Plus, if you decide you want to change colors, you’re in luck. Cartridges don’t typically last long, so you can experiment with new colors more regularly and inexpensively as you can avoid investing in large bottles of ink.



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  • Liz

    You can also refill cartridges using a syringe or sometimes, contingent upon the size of the opening, use a plastic eye dropper.

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