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The Inkredible Box: Why You Don't Want to Miss Out!

A Truphae Exclusive: The Inkredible Box

If monthly subscription boxes are all the rage, it’s about time the fountain pen community was treated to a box done right. Yes, that time has officially come. Introducing…The Inkredible Box!

Imagine wanting to try a new pen or new ink but being stuck in your usual routine of familiar brands and colors. Yes, we’ve all been there. Well, our box will take your collection to the next level! Pick your preferences on our website (no, we won’t send you anything too crazy!), and we’ll pick the rest. It’s a great way to try new styles without a huge investment. Plus – who doesn’t love a good surprise? 

Another benefit of our subscription box is the value. Each box that our annual subscribers purchase comes with merchandise valued at a higher price than what you’re actually paying. That’s right – not only do you get pens, ink, journals, pen cases, etc. at an inkredible value – but you also get fun surprises in each box, too!

So, how does it work? Below we’ll answer a few simple questions to explain it in a bit more detail!


Where do I sign up?

Visit Just do it by the 25th of the month so you’re included in the next month’s shipments!


Choose your level.

Yes, there are three levels for all types of fountain pen fans!

The Inkmeister is our $25 monthly box, which includes a bottle of ink, a bonus fountain pen, and fun surprises! Brands include JINHAO, Hero, Noodler’s, Iroshizuku, Robert Oster, and more. We make sure this box is a great deal by sending some freebies you will enjoy, and also provide free shipping within the United States – it’s like receiving a gift to yourself every month!

fountain pen subscription box

The Penthusiast is our $75 monthly box, which includes a selection of several pen-related products that you get to hand select! The options include pens, ink, pen cases, and notepads (these boxes are valued at a bare minimum of $100!). For your pens, you can also choose if you prefer fountain pens (yes, you pick the nib size!), ballpoints, or rollerballs. Brands include Noodler’s, Iroshizuku, Robert Oster, LAMY, Pilot, Platinum, Syahi, Stifflexible, ZOIA, BENU, and more.

inkredible box review

The Collector is our $150 monthly box, which includes everything mentioned above, plus the addition of luxury brands such as Esterbrook, Visconti, and even Aurora! With the Collector, you will receive at least $200 worth of pen merchandise that is tailored to your specific tastes! Because of the vast array of options to choose from in this price range, we’ll also occasionally throw in promotional items that could be worth well north of $200! Just when you thought this package couldn’t get any better, it does! You will also earn a lifetime coupon code for 10% off our web prices (sale prices included!).

pen box


Want to specify preferences? Yep, you can do that, too!

Feel free to make special requests for each order, so if there’s a specific brand you love (or hate), or a special ink color that you’re partial to, we’ll be sure to take note. We’ll also track your orders so you don’t have to worry about telling us what you have already received.

The more subscribers we get, the more leeway we will have in bringing in new brands for you as well! If your item is a gift, we can include gift-wrapping for that special someone – just let us know!


How am I billed?

You are automatically billed once a month. However, you do have the option to cancel at any time. We want to keep you onboard, though, so we’ll do our best to ensure that every box is perfect for you. Plus, shipping within the US is free!


Now what do I do?

Now you just wait! Shipments go out on the 1st of every month. Be sure to share your photos of your Inkredible Box on social media, and tag us in the photo, and you’ll be eligible for some fantastic future giveaways as well!


Should I really do this?

Yes! And if you need a little extra push, just remember that purchasers of our Collector box get 10% off ALL future website orders! 


A Subscription Box for Every Pen Lover

If you’re ready to discover pens and pen supplies that you never knew about or never had the chance to try (and are sure to fall in love with!), why not give our Inkredible Box a try?

The fun is just a simple click away over at And, be sure to let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can make our boxes even better in order to suit your needs!

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