Aurora 88 Limited Edition Urano Turquoise & Rose Gold Fountain Pen

Aurora 88 Limited Edition Urano Fountain Pen

If you’re an Aurora fan, their latest release is something not to be missed. Unfortunately, you may have already missed out on it considering it’s rumored to be sold out before even being shipped to retailers! However, we at Truphae may just have one available on a first come, first served basis!

The Urano Limited Edition 888 (only 888 are being produced) is quite unique, not only for its glowing turquoise color, but also for the fact that it’s partially transparent – enough to just make out some of what’s hiding inside! The rose gold trim and rose gold nib make it particularly drool worthy and totally desirable.

When pairing ink with the Urano, this Royal Blue from S.T. Dupont would be our first choice! We're curious to see your first choice!

To claim yours, just check out this link or send us an e-mail at


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