Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing Fountain Pen Inks

Choosing a fountain pen ink is an exciting part of the pen ownership experience!

You may decide on color to match or compliment the body style of your pen. Maybe you want to stick with a classic black or blue hue, or you might begin a quest to try as many different brands, shades, and finishes as you can. 

Whatever your personal style, it can be frustrating when an ink doesn't turn out as expected, especially when you chose it to be reflective or your personality. To help eliminate some disappointment, we've put together some tips. 

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing Fountain Pen Inks:

  1. Ink samples and swatches are good indicators of what the true colors will look like.
  2. If you can get into a retail store like our location in Greenville, SC to see and try inks, you can get an even better idea of what you're getting!
  3. Your fountain pen's nib width and metal will affect the way ink flows onto your paper, and this changes its appearance. See the first writing sample in the video below for an example! (2:15)
  4. Your ink will also look different depending on the type of fountain pen compatible paper you use, cream or white. See the second writing sample in the video below for an example! (3:22)
  5. Ink on the same color paper in two different brands may also vary slightly.


  • Paul D McWilliams

    It amazes me how different papers and nibs and ink can make your final result turn out so different! That’s why I think working with fountain pens so much fun!

  • Donna Steelman

    This is all interesting to me as a beginner. I can not wait till my box arrives to get started.

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