Namiki Emperor Treasure Precious Things

Namiki Emperor Treasure Precious Things

Namiki Emperor Treasure Precious Things Maki-e Fountain Pen

The Emperor Collection is Namiki's highest ranking series. An outstanding pen of impressive size and appearance. Executed in tactile takamaki-e, this voluptuous Emperor fountain pen dazzles the senses with Takara-mono, or emblematic "precious things" from Japan's religious and popular culture, rendered in gold, orange, red and green against glossy black lacquer. Exquisite raden highlights complete this pen's luxurious profile. The treasures alluded to include such fantastic objects of wonder as an invisibility cloak, an inexhaustible money purse, sacred gems, the sacred key to the storehouse of the gods, etc. In Namiki: The Pognant Beauty of Fragile Things, the author, Mr. Jean-François Canton writes that "The wonderful alliance of brilliant gold against the dark background is noteworthy on this pen." This pen employs an eyedropper filling system, a traditional oriental wood gift box with outer box, paper and pipette to complete the stunning presentation. The nib features the large #50 size, and is engraved with Mt. Fuji motif.

Available now at only $9,000!





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