S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Conquest of the Wild West Prestige Collection Fountain Pen, Lighter, and Smoking Kit

S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Conquest of the Wild West Prestige Collection Fountain Pen, Lighter, and Smoking Kit

S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Conquest of the Wild West Set

Certain things are known to pair well together, particularly in the world of luxuries. From food pairings like wine and cheese to complementing ties with pocket squares in men’s fashion, it’s hard not to appreciate a good set of items that feel like they were born together. What S.T. Dupont has done with their Limited Edition Conquest of the Wild West set is just that – paired a pen and lighter that match so well together, it will be the desire of any fountain pen enthusiast, lighter collector, or luxury goods fanatic! Oh, and they threw in a cigar punch to boot!

The Lighter and Cigar Cutter

The Ligne 2 Conquest of the Wild West lighter is truly something else. S.T. Dupont is known for using only the finest materials, and this lighter is no exception, with its palladium finish and black lacquer. From the perspective of a lighter aficionado, they’d be happy to know that the characteristic “ping” when the lid is opened is of course present in this model as well. The roller is also sculpted for a better grip, and the flame adjustment button and filling valve have been conceived for the best ergonomics.

The Wild West theme of this collection is most evident in the middle of the lighter, where a full bullet hole strikes through the center of this magnificent piece. The gun smoke and dust surrounding the bullet hole and the crossed pistols at the top of the lid drive the whole theme together. A beautiful stainless steel chain accents the lighter and can be removed as needed. The cigar punch (cutter) is the perfect match for the lighter, and is certainly a rarity that you won’t find with just any luxury brand!

The Pen and Ink

The beautiful S.T. Dupont Limited Edition Conquest of the Wild West pen features a gorgeous cap that instantly gives an old timey saloon feel – a perfect complement to the lighter. As part of the Line D, the artistry is inspired by both research into the past and the current handiwork of S.T. Dupont’s master lacquerers. This natural lacquer for the larger proportioned pen somehow still gives it a streamlined look. The extraordinary writing instrument is available in ballpoint (with twist mechanism), convertible rollerball (easily converts to a ball pen or felt-tip with a refill change), and fountain (with 14K gold nib). And don’t forget your shield-shaped bottle of ink while you’re at it ~ the royal blue, as shown in the main photo, is totally stunning!

What Makes S.T. Dupont the Right Fit?

S.T. Dupont has an almost 150-year history of creating these types of luxury goods for the savvy collector… but how? Their quest for sustainability is probably one of the main reasons they have been able to turn these items into a lasting legacy. From responsible lacquer management, to fair trade processes, to replanting in the natural environments where they source supplies, it feels like S.T. Dupont has truly figured out how to make something good last. Their engraving techniques (such as guilloche), expert lacquering skills (sometimes up to 10 layers!), and use of only the best precious metals all contribute to the richness of this company’s goods.

How Can I Make These Mine?

We are currently offering these pieces (purchased together or individually) through our website. They are of course in brand new and unused condition (with all boxes and papers), and come with a two-year warranty!

If you need further convincing, check out the YouTube video here for a full 360-degree look at this amazing collection.

To order or for more information, you can check out the links for each piece as listed below:


Convertible Rollerball

Fountain Pen (ON SALE!)


Smoking Kit

Ink Bottle (colors available!)

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