"Monsieur Os" Skull Dandy Lighter

"Monsieur Os" Skull Dandy Lighter

His looks and dress are effortlessly elegant. He doesn't try to impress; he simply is a superior skull. His arrogance comes naturally, for he is placed securely high in society. His inheritance and the cares, responsibilities and duties that great wealth bring exemplify the qualities of a gentleskull who is a cut above the rest. Beau Brummel, I imagine, would have found very little fault with Monsieur Os.

S.T. Dupont and Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio created an Object d'art lighter, designed to express the values and excellence of the Maison's lighter making legacy (or art of fire legacy). Indeed, for over 7 decades, S.T. Dupont's art of fire creations have been used by men of power and culture for whom elegance is valued in all things: the "Dandy". In collaboration with master stone carver, Luis Alberto, L'Aquart and Maison, S.T. Dupont have created the magnanimous collections with the Dandy Skull hand carved in obsidian, jasper and white agate. This piece is limited to only 8 pieces worldwide. The lighter features yellow gold finishes, black obsidian hat and suit, desert sage jasper skull, white agate & 1 diamond 1.5mm diameter in the shirt and bowtie. The chair is made of tiger's eye with a base made of petrified wood.

One of the most exclusive and unique creations from S.T. Dupont, available for special order now at Truphae!

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