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If you’ve been visiting our blog, you’ll know that we love to bring you the latest and greatest news and reviews of some of our favorite pen releases from a wide variety of companies. These blog posts have ranged from insider looks at pen shows to information on new inks to analyses of some of our favorite limited edition fountain pens. Today’s blog is a little different. We wanted to share a little bit about our company background, what our company is now, and where we are headed.

To begin, we started Truphae in 2016 with our main focus being on fine writing instruments. We were fascinated with not only the aesthetics, but also the enormous value that some pens can have. Our luxury brands included (and still include!) S.T. Dupont, Montegrappa, Namiki, and David Oscarson…just to name a few. The company started with just my wife (Kylie) and me (Chris) – a humble beginning!

top luxury pen

One of our favorite luxury pens from Namiki

We eventually decided to make a few changes in order to grow our company in a positive direction. Through our focuses on growing our social media presence, and our one-on-one communication with our customers and friends in this industry, we have absolutely fallen in love with the fountain pen community as a whole. Through these conversations, we have focused in even more on the kinds of pens the enthusiasts are interested in buying and discussing daily. For this reason, we started carrying brands like Aurora, Esterbrook, Platinum, and Visconti…while still stocking our highest end pens. We also physically added to our company – hiring teammates to improve our web presence, our photography, and our digital marketing. That freed us up to focus more directly on getting our customers exactly what they wanted.


A fan-favorite Visconti

Now, in late 2018, with the arrival of some brands such as Noodler’s Ink and LAMY, you may have noticed a new emphasis on fountain pens within ALL price ranges. This is to continue to make our company approachable and an active part of the daily fountain pen enthusiasts’ conversations. We also LOVE these brands and feel they fit right in with the types of quality goods we like to offer our customers.

ink pen

A sleek LAMY that fits right into our typical Truphae style

Along with these changes, we are starting to expand into many ink brands as well, such as Robert Oster and Iroshizuku. My wife and I love playing around with different inks, and we are excited to share this passion with you too. We feel like it’s a great way to express our creativity, and you guys, our friends, seem to love it!

best pens

An Iroshizuku ink – one of many colors available

Here at Truphae, our aim is to become your online shop for all things fountain pens. We have been blessed to carry a great deal of the leading brands in the industry, and are working to acquire many more. Having said that, we’d love to hear from you! If there is a brand you would like to see us carry, feel free to reach out to us on our website or e-mail us at

Now that we can offer pens and ink in all price ranges, we are excited to announce something ELSE that we think you guys will really enjoy. Tune in this Friday, November 2nd (National Fountain Pen Day!) for our biggest announcement ever, and biggest investment in this community yet!

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