Visconti 2018 Limited Editions - Bronze Swirl and Medici "Il Magnifico" Fountain Pens

Visconti 2018 Limited Editions - Bronze Swirl and Medici "Il Magnifico" Fountain Pens

A Year of Change

If 2018 has taught us anything so far, it’s that change is inevitable, and sometimes you need to expect the unexpected. Think: all the societal shifts and celebrity losses (that we won’t go into detail on here because this is a pen blog!). Despite that, it seems that the nations have gathered together this year for some of the most spectacular events. Think: a royal wedding AND a royal baby, just to name a few.

Visconti, one of the most popular pen brands today, seems to be following these same trends. With some drastic shifts in their company this year, they are back on the map to reclaim their rightful place amongst the world’s most prestigious pen brands. And no matter what the year, pens are always in style, right?

True Luxuries

With these latest releases from Visconti, we can already tell that the company is stepping up to address concerns that fountain pen lovers have expressed. Before even getting into the specifics of each pen, you can tell on first glance that Visconti is doing more to present these pens as true luxuries. The outer packaging, for one, is more refined and feels more like an expensive brand on each of these editions. But it’s what’s on the inside that really matters, right? So let’s take a look…

Visconti Homo Sapiens Limited Edition 888 Bronze Swirl Demonstrator Fountain Pen

This oversized demonstrator style fountain pen really impressed us. The Bronze Swirl is the latest limited edition of its type for 2018, with only 888 pieces in creation. It succeeds the wildly popular London Fog and Chiantishire fountain pens from the past few years. The shape is based on the Homo Sapiens collection, with a special mixture of celluloid and polycarbonate, and a resin cap. The ivory/brown swirled design in the pen even looks like real ivory! Of course this pen comes equipped with the famous double reservoir filling system and the 23kt palladium nib. It certainly has a more polished, sophisticated look compared to many other demonstrators – even some of the past ones from Visconti!

Visconti Medici II Il Magnifico Limited Edition Fountain Pen

In terms of magnificence, the Il Magnifico really stands out (see what we did there?). The first thing you may notice is simply the weight of the pen – much heavier and sturdier than other similar fountain pens – mostly due to the meticulous construction of the piece. The cap is made from solid sterling silver and is chiseled with precise, ancient techniques dating back to the 16th century. The fleur-de-lis motif on the cap and blind cap brings to life the themes of Florence, with the ancient coat of arms from the Medici family on the top of the cap. The body is made of solid Italian Levanto marble (a red marble), with the famous double reservoir filling system and 23kt palladium nib. This one is even more rare, with only 388 pieces produced worldwide.

Now Available from Truphae is proud to partner with Visconti, who (no matter what advances they make) continues to guarantee their pens for two years after the date of purchase. To check out these amazing new pens, be sure to visit our website at Direct links to these pens can be found below:

Bronze Swirl Fountain Pen

Bronze Swirl Rollerball Pen

Il Magnifico Fountain Pen

Il Magnifico Rollerball Pen

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