5 Next-Level Fountain Pens that Won’t Break the Bank!

5 Next-Level Fountain Pens that Won’t Break the Bank!

Once you’ve experimented with a beginner model or two, you’ll want to take your fountain pen game to the next level.


These 5 designs, each with its advantages, will elevate your writing experience without breaking the bank!



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TWISBI Diamond 580: $50.00-$60.00

Because the  TWISBI 580 fountain pen has a piston filling system, it holds a large volume of ink, meaning you can go a long time without having to refill it. However, its piston filling system also ensures that when you do have to replace the ink, that process will be simple and clean. 

(Timestamp 0:43-1:50)

LAMY Studio: $80.00- $168.00

Like the LAMY Safari, a fountain pen ideal for beginners, the LAMY Studio has a lot to offer.

It’s superior to the Safari in that your writing experience will be smoother, and the design is more sleek. It’s a fully metal construction, and the nib is possibly the best steel option on the market. 

(Timestamp 1:51-2:56)

Platinum 3776 Century: $175.00-$240.00

Unlike some mid-range fountain pens, the Platinum 3776 Century is considered a “workhorse pen,” meaning you can write with it all day, everyday without any trouble. 

Additionally, this platinum pen has a patented “slip and seal” mechanism that guards against hard starts and skipping. You can wait long periods of time between uses, and ink will flow easily through your nib whenever you’re ready to pick the 3776 Century back up again. 

(Timestamp 2:57- 4:25)

Esterbrook “Estie”: $317.00

A true American classic, the Etserbrook company has produced quality pens since the 1850s. The Estebrook “Estie” is by far one of the most aesthetically gorgeous fountain pens you can get without breaking the bank. Its cigar shape and range of beautiful body styles is hard to beat. 

Believe it or not, there is patent pending technology involved in the manufacturing of these fountain pens that mixes real diamond dust with the resin used to produce each unit’s body. That’s why these pieces sparkle from the inside out and are hard to match when it comes to visual appeal!

(Timestamp 4:26- 5:39)

Pilot Vanishing Point: $148.00- $156.00

This cartridge/ converter pen may not hold large amounts of ink or be the most affordable, but its unique click-to-retract mechanism makes the Pilot Vanishing Point  worth the extra cash. 

It’s definitely a conversation starter. Plus, the Vanishing Point’s nib is notably made of gold, not steel. 

(Timestamp 5:40- 6:45)

Of course, there are plenty of other options available to you if you’re looking to upgrade from a beginner pen to something on the next level of fountain pen collecting, but these five pens are our favorite here at Truphae right now.


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