BENU: A Vibrant Fountain Pen Collection

If totally eye-catching fountain pens are your thing, let’s just say you may have to look no further.

Yes, we all love the classic and traditional Montblancs, and the diamond-encrusted Cartiers, but sometimes we just want a pen at a decent price with a totally jaw-dropping look.

Thanks to BENU, that is now possible!


The first thing that strikes us about BENU is definitely the array of colors and shapes present. There’s a perfect color (or color combination) for just about everyone. If you like colorful pens...

And to match that, there’s a shape for everyone, too!

Based on your hand and writing preferences, there are some that are more cylindrical and some that are more hexagonal, based on how you like the pen to feel when holding it.

Based in Moscow, Russia, BENU has put together a wide array of writing instruments with tons of character that doesn’t break the bank. Each pen is produced from a high-quality, non-toxic resin with glossy, pearlescent, or jeweled effects. And, each resin is prepared totally separately, ensuring that all pens are 100% unique! In terms of nibs, each BENU comes with a JoWo or Bock stainless steel nib, expertly crafted for your use. 


The BENU Collections

The Mimima Collection – The pens in the Minima Collection are a bit smaller, and more compact. The shapes are cylindrical, with eight facets, giving some texture to the body and preventing rolling. The colors range from black with blue, red, and gold accents (that look brilliant with reflective light!) to a solid black, skull themed option, too!


The Briolette Collection – These uniquely designed pens are some of the boldest choices put out by BENU. Their entire bodies are covered in differing facets, providing a unique feel to the hand.

What stands out most about this group is the color choices. They scan the full color spectrum, from cool blues and silvers and whites and purples, to warmer combinations of reds, yellows, and golds. 

Pearl Benu Briolette Pen With Gold-Encrusted Flakes and Gold Nib

The Parrot Collection – These pens are just plain fun! Each pen comes in the shape of a lovable parrot, with a white body, jeweled eyes, and a different color (plus gold!) accent on the bottom. The colors offered include blue, yellow, purple, green, and pink! Looking for a great pen for the animal lover in the family? This could be the one!

benu fountain pen

The Chameleon Collection – The Chameleon Collection also has a unique shape to prevent rolling, and to keep your pens on your desk and feeling sturdy. The three-sided pens come in a wide range of colors, all differing slightly depending on what angle you are looking at them from.

Turquoise swirl Benu Chameleon Pen

The Supreme Collection – The Supreme pens are a bit simpler than some of the other collections, but we love the design! Larger at the top, and slimmer the closer you get to the bottom, these pens are perfect for everyday writing. The functionality and the #6 nib work well to make this an easy go-to choice for frequent writers!

benu pens

The Hexagon Collection – The newest collection from BENU, the Hexagon pens feature six-sided designs, with other textures on top. Imagine a honeycomb pattern all throughout the body of the pen, with dashes of golds and silvers sprinkled on top. Totally eye-catching and one-of-a-kind! 

benu hexagon d


Now Carrying: BENU

Get ready to be officially blown away by BENU. The colors, shapes, and sizes are all totally unique, and we couldn’t be more excited to carry them! To see all the variations, be sure to visit our website. As always, feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

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