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Best Orange Fountain Pens: Orange You a Fan?

Image Product Features Price
Visconti Breeze Mandarin Orange Fountain Pen

Visconti Breeze Mandarin Orange Fountain Pen

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JINHAO 159 Orange Fountain Pen

JINHAO 159 Orange Fountain Pen

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Aurora Optima O Sole Mio Orange & Gold Fountain Pen

Aurora Optima O Sole Mio Orange & Gold Fountain Pen

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Conklin All American Sunburst Orange & Gold Plated Trim Fountain Pen

Conklin All American Sunburst Orange & Gold Plated Trim Fountain Pen

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What is your favorite color?

It seems like most people would rush to some of the obvious options like blue or red.

But, do you know anyone whose favorite color is orange? Or is it you?

It seems like it’s a little more rare that people would pick this as their favorite. However, around where we live (Greenville, SC), it’s pretty popular!

Mostly because of a little known university and football team known as Clemson. (Ok, ok, they’re actually quite famous!) But, c’mon. Let’s think about all the amazing things in life that are orange or orange-y.

The sun…yeah, we need that to live!

Delicious fruit and veggies…oranges and carrots, hello! All the best snacks…our fingers are already turning orange thinking about those amazing Doritos & Cheetos & Goldfish!

Now where do orange pens come into play? It just so happens that some of our favorite new brands, some of the best affordable pens, and even some of our most popular luxury lines all stock orange pens. And…they’re hot! Let’s take a look at some of our top picks below, and what makes them stand out, besides that awesome hue! 

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Orange Fountain Pens

orange pens

Visconti Breeze Mandarin Orange Fountain Pen

Material: Resin

Price: $96

Details: Great performance, and a very affordable price for a Visconti; entirely made in Florence, Italy!

Available in: Fine, Medium, and Broad steel nib

Link to purchase

orange fountain pen

JINHAO 159 Orange Fountain Pen

Material: Lacquered metal

Price: $12.50

Details: A larger size (think: Montblanc 149), plus a perfectly smooth nib that’s great for daily writing; one of the best bangs for your buck that’s out there!

Available in: Medium steel nib

Link to purchase



Aurora Optima O Sole Mio Orange & Gold Fountain Pen

Material: Auroloide, an antique resin

Price: $496

Details: One of the pinnacles of Aurora’s luxury offerings, yet a great option for those looking to take the leap into more extravagant pens; a real treasure!

Available in: Fine 14k gold nib

Link to purchase


conklin fountain pen

Conklin All American Sunburst Orange & Gold Plated Trim Fountain Pen

Material: Resin

Price: $76

Details: Born from a company that dates back to the Golden Era of fountain pens; a larger sized, classic looking, affordable gem!

Available in: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Omniflex steel nib

Link to purchase


What Separates These Unique Orange Pens?

So, if you were confronted with the choice between these 4 orange pens, which would you choose? Well, we would break it down this way:

Price: If price is your only point of concern, we’re almost always going to recommend JINHAO. However, at right around $75, the Conklin isn’t a huge investment either. It’s worth a shot!

Writing Experience: OK, we know it’s the most expensive pen, but that’s for good reason. The Aurora simply writes the best (in our opinion, of course!). It’s certainly the smoothest, but don’t forget the Conklin also comes with a flex nib option – a great back-up plan!

Color: If you love a slightly marbled texture, your best bet here is going to be the Aurora or Conklin. If you’re a purist, you’re going to want that JINHAO. And if you fall somewhere in between, the Breeze is all for you! Personally, the Aurora definitely looks like the most luxurious Orange color!

Size: If size is your go-to determining factor, then you’ve got a pretty easy answer to your query. The JINHAO and Conklins are going to be your larger pens, while the Visconti and Aurora options will be your smaller varieties. Thankfully, none of them feel too large or too small!

Now that you know a little bit more about your options, it’s time to make a choice. But wait: could we possibly have MORE choices for you?

Yes, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about pens, but we simply can’t forget the ink! Our first thought for a matching ink would be the LAMY Bronze. However, there are SO many amazing options!

We’re a huge fan of both the traditional Habanero and Tanager Oranges from Noodler’s, but if you’re into a slightly more red Orange, try the Dragons Napalm; conversely, if you’re into a more yellow Orange, try the Sunrise.

And let’s not forget about the almost 10 shades of Orange ink by Robert Oster. The spectrum ranges from Orange to Tangerine to Peach to everything in between.

best orange ink for fountain pens


The Perfect Option For You

If you’ve tried an Orange pen, our hope is that you love it, and you’re ready to try another! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? With options starting close to $10, there’s really no need to wait.

OR, if you like all four of these options and STILL can’t decide, how about we choose for you?

That’s right: our monthly Inkredible Box is a fun new pen and ink subscription service that delivers a surprise fountain pen box to you every month.

At the $25 level, you may see the JINHAO in your box. At the $75 level, you may see the Conklin in your box. Or, at the $150 level, you may see the Breeze in your box!

Not to mention all the ink, pen sleeves, paper, notepads, stickers, and more that we choose to throw in for you. And here’s a little secret: you may even see the Aurora in our $150 Collector Box!

That’s because every month, one lucky subscriber to our top tier will get a pen valued at almost $500! Don’t forget that you can still let us know your nib preferences, the ink colors you love, etc. But if you’re having a hard time picking out the perfect pen, we’ll do it for you.

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  • christel a colla

    I have a few orange pens, but no orange ink! I preordered the Montblanc year of the rat orange.

  • Joshua J Masters

    Well, I think I need an unofficial Clemson JINHAO 159 Fountain Pen now! I think this site should add a wish list because mine is building up.

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