Waterproof Noodlers Inks

Top 10 Waterproof Noodlers Inks

Want to enhance your writing experience without breaking the bank?

Noodlers waterproof inks are not only affordable, but they also provide fountain pen enthusiasts with a premium writing experience they could previously only dream of.

Noodlers inks are handmade right here in the United States.

All of these inks are expertly designed with you in mind and come in a wide variety of colors and ink types, making it easy to find the right ink for all your writing needs.

One of the more popular ink products is waterproof ink. You can write endlessly with these inks without any fear of your writing being smudged, blurred, or faded when it comes into contact with water.

These inexpensive waterproof inks are a great choice for anyone seeking a better way to protect documents from potential water damage.


What’s the Difference between Waterproof and Water Resistant Ink?

A common misunderstanding that people have is they consider waterproof and water-resistant inks the same. However, there is a slight difference between the two.

Waterproof ink is the type of ink that does not get affected by water. Your writing will stay clear and distinct just as it was before any water damage occurred.

Water-resistant ink can resist water damage to a certain degree. While the ink on the page may become smeared or blurred, your writing will still be readable, underneath.


Top 10 Waterproof Noodlers Inks

1.    Noodlers Borealis Black 3oz Ink Bottle

Borealis Black ink was inspired by the decadent black ink colors of the 1950s. Special components are used in this ink to make their color the blackest. This product is handmade, therefore its color may vary slightly from one batch to the other.

Noodlers Borealis Black 3oz Ink Bottle

Noodlers Borealis Black 3oz Ink Bottle - Starting at $12.50


This ink is water-resistant and its color may get lighter or smeared when the writing comes in direct contact with water.

Laser, alcohol, and similar solvents do not affect this ink which makes it a good choice for secure documents.


2.    Noodlers Dark Matter Black 3oz Ink Bottle

Dark Matter Black was made similar to the ink that was used at Los Alamos National Laboratory where a research project called the Manhattan Project was busy working on the development of atomic bombs.

Its cover showcases a picture of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer who was the Manhattan project’s leader. This ink comes in a grey-black color and is water-resistant.


3.     Noodlers Upper Ganges Blue 3oz Ink Bottle

This ink comes in a medium blue color and is waterproof which means your writing will not become smeared or blurred.

Not only waterproof, but this ink can protect your writing against alcohol, UV light, and bleach as well.

Noodlers Upper Ganges Blue 3oz Waterproof Ink Bottle

Noodlers Upper Ganges Blue 3oz Ink Bottle - Starting at $12.50

As documents begin to age, Noodlers Upper Ganges Blue ink is designed to look fresh even after years. 90ml of this ink is handmade and dispensed into a glass bottle.

Color may vary slightly with each batch.


4.    Noodlers Eternal Polar Blue 3oz Ink Bottle

The name Eternal Polar Blue with a picture of a polar bear and catfish on the label proudly indicates that this ink is resistant to freezing temperatures. On cellulose-based papers, it is not only resistant to water but also solvents like alcohol, bleach, etc.

 Eternal Polar Blue is designed with special lubricants added in the ink to give you the smoothest writing experience of all time. This ink is dark blue in color and does not fade with time.


5.     Noodlers Bad Green Gator 3oz Ink Bottle

Bad Green Gator features a deep green color ink. It is a forgery-resistant ink and is a part of Noodlers Warden series.

Noodlers Bad Green Gator 3oz Water Resistant Ink Bottle

Noodlers Bad Green Gator 3oz Water Resistant Ink - Starting at $12.50

It is composed of a special formula that makes a forensic chemical analysis much easier. If someone buys the same ink as you and attempts your exact signature, the forensic analysis will easily distinguish it from your true signature.

This color lasts for years without fading. The ink is waterproof making it even more suitable for sensitive documents.


6.     Noodlers El Lawrence Dark Brown 3oz Ink Bottle

 The inspiration behind the dark khaki green color of this ink was actually the uniform color of World War 1 British army officers. The label displayed on El Lawrence Dark Brown shows an officer riding a bike.  Its unique ingredients make this ink glow vibrantly when placed under ultraviolet light.

This ink is water-resistant and made to last years without Its color fading.


7.    Noodlers General of the Armies Green 3oz Ink Bottle

General of the Armies Green has a very unique color indeed.

Noodlers General of the Armies Green 3oz Ink Bottle

Noodlers General of the Armies Green 3oz Ink Bottle - Starting at $12.50

Initially, it’s color is green but as it dries it changes to blue. It was inspired by the Supreme Commander of the Union's western armies who allowed the change in uniform color from green to blue.

This ink is waterproof and designed to remain vibrant even after many years.


8.     Noodlers V-Mail North African Violet Purple 3oz Ink Bottle

During World War 2 soldiers used to send courageous letters (named V-mails) to the front line warriors. This ink was expertly reverse-engineered from the inks they used to use while writing those letters.

While it's not fully waterproof and may become a little blurred when coming into contact with water. This ink flows pleasantly smooth while its African violet color looks amazing on paper.


9.     Noodlers Tchaikovsky Purple 3oz Ink Bottle

The name of this ink, Tchaikovsky Purple, was inspired by a well-known Russian composer Tchaikovsky.

Noodlers Tchaikovsky Purple 3oz Ink Bottle

Noodlers Tchaikovsky Purple 3oz Ink Bottle - Starting at $12.50

Its purple color looks amazing on the paper and its brightness stays the same for years to come. You can write with this ink and then observe it under UV light to make your writing glow beautifully.

This ink is waterproof and can resist signs of aging, meaning your documents will look fresh year after year. 


10. Noodlers Antietam Red Brown 3oz Ink Bottle

Named after the ‘Battle of Antietam’ fought in the US in 1862, this ink's blood-red color depicts scenes from that battlefield.

This ink works amazingly well in almost any fountain pen. However, it is not completely resistant to water damage and your writing may become blurred when if it comes into contact with water.


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    Can you use Noodler’s Waterproof inks in a refillable cartridge pen?
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