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David Oscarson’s Russian Imperial Collection and the Collapse of the Romanov Dynasty

In contrast to the big fountain pen giants, sometimes it’s nice to check out the fine luxuries from specialty manufacturers too. David Oscarson is one of our favorites that fit that category because, despite the small company size compared to the Montblanc’s of the world, his brand puts out some of the most magnificent and important pens around. Creating special award-winning limited edition pieces since 2000, David Oscarson is known for his use of hand-rendered guilloche (a braided or laced decorative style) and true hard enamel (meaning that it is actually a kiln fired vitreous glass) – techniques that require much more time and precision than other quicker and cheaper methods of design. Oscarson’s guilloche is hand-crafted from 18-karat gold and .925 Sterling Silver, while his enamel is made from grinding materials for hours and then finely applying the finish by quill to the final surfaces. (If you think other companies possess similar painstaking processes, just know that these pens require a minimum of a five-year apprenticeship to ensure the highest level of quality!) Pens from David Oscarson’s collections also typically come with an 14-karat gold nib and a unique filling system which allows for a cartridge, converter, or eyedropper fill.

One of our favorite series from David Oscarson is the Russian Imperial Collection – the 28th limited edition writing instrument series from this highly respected brand. These gorgeous fountain pens mark the 100th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty’s abdication from the throne. Also known as the House of Romanov, this was the second dynasty to rule Russia, from 1613 all the way through 1917 (when the Revolution brought down the reign of Tsar Nicholas II). Although the time of this dynasty was marked with high creative achievements, it was also marked with much pain and strife. 

The Collection

Made from solid Sterling Silver, and featuring (in typical Oscarson fashion) guilloche sunbursts and double-locking patterned overlays, this pen series comes in a variety of colors including red, white, light blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple.

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These versions form a unique set, with double-headed eagles resting on the grip, and floral designs surrounding the clip. Featuring the dates of the dynasty on the pens (304 years), the limited edition collection is of course only available in a quantity of 304 pieces, adorned with 14-karat gold nibs and the cartridge converter/eye dropper system.

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One can see the intricate design in each pen and feel the weight of the materials used – these are sound, substantial pens, certainly fit to represent a large portion of Eastern European history.

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The Crown Jewel

The crown jewel of this collection, however, may be the ruby red diamond version, which is encrusted with 27 (yes, 27!) diamonds. With only three of this color ever made, owning one would certainly be a significant achievement for any fountain pen enthusiast. (Not to mention, the pen from Truphae pictured below is serial number 1/3!) With the Romanov emphasis on regalia and status, this diamond pen certainly falls right into place as a way to remember Russian history.

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Owning a Piece of History

The yellow, turquoise, and purple Romanov pens are available online individually, or as a three-piece set with the extremely rare number, 000/304! The ruby red and diamond version is available to purchase separately as well. As typical for David Oscarson (and Truphae as an authorized retailer), these pens are warrantied and are ensured to arrive to you in the highest quality.

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