Montegrappa Monte-Grappa

Double the Name for Double the Pen? Introducing the Montegrappa Monte-Grappa: A Return to Form.

Starting as a “manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens” in the early 1900s, Montegrappa has surely come a long way. From their transition to the Aquila family in the 80s, becoming incorporated in the 90s, switching ownership to the Richemont group in the 2000s, and then going back to the Aquila family right before this decade, you could say it might be time for the Montegrappa company to take a breather. And it seems like they’ve done just that. Now that the brand has settled in to who they really are, they’ve decided it was time to remember their roots.

With the latest release from Montegrappa, the company has introduced a more traditional pen, a way of returning to their original heritage. Aptly named the Monte-Grappa (an ode to their naming origins stemming from the mountain in the Venetian Prealps), the pen itself even appears vintage in font, logo, and classic design.


The Monte-Grappa

It appears that Montegrappa’s goal in 2018 is all about focusing on form and functionality. Yes, there have been some extremely unique special editions that have come out this year, but in terms of the baseline pens, they have cut directly to what frequent writers want: usability. But we said double, right? Yes, two extra features really stick out to us in this pen, outside of its solid writing ability.

First of all, let’s talk about the nib and filling mechanism. This Montegrappa uses a #6 JoWo nib, so it’s extremely easy to swap it out with any other nib, as this is one of the most common nibs on the market. It also comes with the option of steel or 14k gold nib! You heard that right ~ this pen is one of the few options on the market today offering either nib choice. With other brands making recent switches over to steel, this alleviates some of the issues with those who prefer a more standard 14K gold option. (Or, buy both! Double the pleasure, double the fun – right?!) In terms of the filling style, this model comes with a piston filler mechanism, which is also quite uncommon for a Montegrappa under $400. The mechanism is a proprietary system to the brand as it uses a type of ratchet system. This allows the user to listen to the subtle clicking sounds while extending and retracting the piston. When the clicking sounds stop, and it does not twist further, this helps to avoid over-turning.

Montegrappa Monte-Grappa

Secondly, let’s talk about the color. It’s hard to see the pictures of this pen and not be immediately drawn to the vivid color. The coral shown here is by far our favorite, since orange fountain pens seem to be a little scarce these days. It’s a bright, solid color that really makes a statement without being excessively flashy or neon. However, if you’re not a fan of coral, and would prefer to stick to more common colors, the Monte-Grappa is also available in black, blue (a dark, navy shade), and a beautiful light purple (lavender). Of course all colors come made with a standard resin and trimmed in stainless steel.

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