Edison Pens Review: A Great American Fountain Pen Manufacturer

Edison Pens Review: A Great American Fountain Pen Manufacturer

Edison is a renowned brand within the fountain pen community, revered for producing high-quality writing equipment made locally in the United States. 

The company was founded back in 2007 when Brian Gray, a passionate fountain pen enthusiast, created his first pen that laid the foundation for the remarkable journey of the Edison Pen Company. It has grown tremendously ever since, becoming well-known for crafting exceptional pens, all of which are handmade. 

Let’s get into the details of what makes their pens so special.

Edison Collier Fountain Pen





Comet Brandywine, Comet Cumberland, Collier Azure Skies, Comet Sea Spray, Collier Antique Marble, Burnished Gold, Nighthawk, and Persimmon Swirl, Beaumont Aurum, Fireball, and Unicorn, Menlo Blue Grotto, Fingerpaints, Sweet Honey


16 g - 25.5 g


129.1 mm - 150 mm


Resin body, Stainless steel nib


Comet, Menlo, Beaumont, and Collier

Distinctive Design

Design and functionality are the primary aspects that manufacturers at Edison focus on, and the symbiosis of these features is seen in their pens. 

Each Edison pen series has its own characteristics and story; for example, the Comet series is based on the appearance of a comet with its tail trailing behind it, the Collier series features cigar-shaped pens, the Beaumont series is meant to inspire creativity with the unique Aurum, Fireball, and Unicorn patterns.

Their pens are designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, so they don’t have any excess ornamentation apart from the unique look and design of the barrel for each series. Some of the series have a cap that can be posted, such as the Comet series, while others, such as the Collier, can’t be posted. 

The clip of the pens is another area where Edison showcases minimalism in addition to their overall design; some series feature a simple linear design with a ball at the end, while others feature a simple yet functional linear clip.

Majestic Materials

Resin is Edison’s staple material, as each series is made of multicolored resin with a unique design. 

The Comet series uses a translucent resin that represents how a comet moves throughout space, the Beaumont series comes in a few different organic designs, while the Collier series is inspired by nature and features mesmerizing patterns found in nature. The nibs are made of polished steel and deliver an enjoyable writing experience.

Funky Features

Apart from the exclusive designs and the intricate details these pens are known for, the pen filling system is another area where the Edison pens shine. 

The owner of the company has made a contemporary adaptation of the classic vacuum-filling system – a revolutionary pump-filling system that uses a rubber sack to pump the ink into the barrel. This system operates similarly to a syringe, and is much easier to clean compared to the standard filing system used in most fountain pens. 

Moreover, most of their pens are versatile and can be used with a converter or standard-sized cartridges.

Nimble Nib

Edison’s polished steel nib that’s engraved with the Edison logo is another area where this brand shines. Most of their pens have a wide variety of nib sizes available, ranging from extra fine to fine, medium, broad, 1.1 mm stub, and 1.5 mm stub, which fit the preferences of all pen enthusiasts and their writing styles. 

Choose a finer nib size if you have a smaller, narrower handwriting, or broader one if you have larger handwriting or want to use your pen for signing important documents. An added benefit is that the broadest nib sizes can also be used for calligraphy.

Edison Collier Fountain Pen

Writing Performance

Regardless of their oversized look, the experience of using Edison pens is smooth sailing. Even though they look heavy, resin as a material is extremely light, so you won’t experience any hand strain with this pen. 

The grip section is probably one of the best features that adds to the comfort. Its concave center perfectly creates a crease where your fingers can accommodate themselves during lengthy writing sessions, while the threads above the grip section are extremely smooth. 


Some of the features we love the most when writing with an Edison pen include the following:

  • Craftsmanship - all Edison pens are durable and have superior construction, which makes this a pen you can expect to use for years.
  • Gorgeous design - the versatility of resin as a material has enabled the experts at Edison pens to create breathtaking designs that leave a lasting impression.
  • Balance and weight - all Edison pens are perfectly balanced where form follows function, as the famous architect Sullivan once said. The draw filler that most of their pens use is much lighter than the piston filler and increases the ink capacity of the pen compared to other pens in this category.
  • Nib quality and writing experience overall - each Edison nib is hand-tuned prior to shipping the pen and is adjusted for optimal ink flow, smoothness, and other important features, which give you the fuss-free writing experience that you’re looking for.


As with every other pen out there, Edison pens also have a few downsides, which are as follows:

  • Limitations in terms of posting - some models are not designed for posting the cap on the back of the pen while writing, so if you’re a writer who enjoys that feature, opt for the versions that can be posted, like the Comet and the Collier.
  • Premium pricing for a steel nib pen - Edison pens come at a higher price point compared to other brands that use resin and steel as their main materials, however, the exceptional craftsmanship and great attention to detail contribute to their value proposition overall.

Final Thoughts

Each Edison pen is a combination of functionality and stellar design that delivers the ultimate writing experience. They are especially suitable for those who engage in longer writing sessions due to the lightweight materials and large ink capacity. Moreover, the wide variety of available nib sizes allows pen enthusiasts to find the perfect nib size to suit individual tastes and preferences.

Have you ever tried an Edison pen? What did you enjoy about using it? We’d love to hear about your personal experience with Edison pens in the comment section below.

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