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Esterbrook Evergreen: Your New (B)Estie!

Recently we wrote about Esterbrook’s re-emergence as a major player in the fountain pen community. Their rebirth has officially begun, and we’re loving the new options that are being released. Their balance of modern technology with old-fashioned quality has been something that has appealed to both new customers and the original Esterbrook fanbase. And yes, the original Esterbrook fanbase was pretty big – this company was at one time the largest manufacturer of pens in the United States!

“We decided to relaunch this iconic brand with what we call the re-concept. Re- means to do it again but at the same time looking back to the original state; this is exactly what the Esterbrook relaunch is in its essence,” said Joel Blumberg, Kenro’s founder and president, who officially acquired the rights and patents for the brand.  

But what about the new Estie, the series that Kenro and Esterbrook are specifically putting much of their emphasis behind? Let’s dig in!

Esterbrook Evergreen 'Estie' Fountain Pen

The Evergreen Estie

Are you more of a silver or gold fan? That’s a question that you’ll have to ask yourself when looking at the new Evergreen Estie: a beautiful balance of black and evergreen, offered in two options: chrome or gold. The main green color used throughout the body and cap is reminiscent of pine trees, and evokes the spirit of nature that Esterbrook sought out for this design. The choice for you comes in the trim, clip, and nib color: a brilliant gold-plated version that makes the pen pop, or a shiny chrome version that blends in a bit more with the dark design.

gold plated pen

Whichever choice you make, the Estie features the “cushion cap” closure and the “MV Adapter” (Modern to Vintage Adapter). The cushion cap provides a secondary seal, to ensure a wet point, while the adapter (available separately) allows you to use your vintage Esterbrook nibs. Offered in EF, F, M, and B nibs (specially manufactured in Germany), the Estie also features a high polished, blended and turned acrylic. You’ll love how meticulously this series has been crafted, from top to bottom (and if you have any doubts, these pens are warrantied for a full year against defects in materials and/or workmanship). For pens that retail for less than $200, the quality feels like a real steal (and don’t forget, you can also purchase from the Esterbrook Phaeton series for less than $100!).

Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen


Esterbrook’s Continuous Rebirth

With the official rebirth of Esterbrook, we’re excited to see that they’re not only reinventing the fountain pen game, but also continuing to put out new options for us. To see all the varieties that we can get for you, be sure to visit our website. (And for those that order soon, we also have a limited number of special Esterbrook treats for you!)

If you want additional details on how the Esties work, and what’s so great about them, feel free to visit the below link. You’ll get an in-depth look on the mechanics, some size comparisons, and writing samples too!

Esterbrook Pens: Our Esterbrook Community

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