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LAMY LX Fountain Pen

LAMY LX Fountain Pen

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Whether you’re a long-time collector or a fountain pen novice, you’ve probably heard of a company called LAMY. This German-born company was founded in 1930 by Mr. Josef Lamy, and now is one of the most-well known and trusted fountain pen brands. Easily distinguished by their unique split clip design, LAMY pens are an exceptional option for any fountain pen enthusiast.

They’ve had many popular pens on the market, such as the LAMY Safari or the LAMY Al-Star, although neither of these are going to be our focus for today. Instead, we plan to introduce you to the LAMY LX, a luxurious fountain pen that’s very similar to the Al-Star, but slightly more refined. Let’s take a closer look at this pen now!

LAMY LX Fountain Pen

The LAMY LX fountain pen was released by the company as the ultimate lifestyle accessory. They claim this pen is designed for the “trendsetters” who want to add, “a touch of luxury to their day-to-day lives.” Now, LAMY is known for their impressive workmanship, so it’s no surprise that the LX has been carefully designed with all the little details in mind.

Like the Al-Star, the LAMY LX is crafted with an aluminum body and a black, ergonomically designed plastic grip section. What sets the LAMY LX fountain pen apart from the Al-Star, however, is that the aluminum body and the metal clip have been anodized. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, anodizing refers to a method of altering the chemistry of the surface level of different metals to give them new, enhanced qualities. This process helps protect against corrosion, improves aesthetic qualities, and even enhances the scratch resistance of the metal.

LAMY LX Fountain Pen Clips

The exciting thing about the anodized metal clips of the LAMY LX fountain pens is that it has allowed the pen manufacturer to match the colors of the clip to the colors of the pen. This provides an elevated look to the LAMY LX compared to the Al-Star, as the Al-Star pens all have a simple chrome-plated clip.

Another distinguishing feature of the LAMY LX is the signature black steel nib, which you can choose to be fine, extra fine, medium, or broad. It’s even PVC-coated, so it has a nice glossy shine to it. The black nib creates a seamless look with the plastic black grip section that then flows nicely into each of the beautiful color options available. 

LAMY LX Fountain Pen Nib

It’s clear that the color options provided for the LAMY LX are meant to mimic the look and feel of various metals. You have the option to choose Gold, Marrone, Palladium, Rose Gold, or Ruthenium. We’re slightly obsessed with the dark and moody Ruthenium, but the bright, shimmery Palladium is also a fair contender. 

As far as writing goes, there’s not a huge difference between the LAMY LX or the LAMY Al-Star. Both fountain pens rely on ink cartridges for refilling, but a cheap LAMY Z28 converter can help you turn either of these pens into piston-fillers instead, if you prefer to use bottled ink. One great thing about the LAMY LX (and the Al-Star) is that it comes with a LAMY blue ink cartridge, so you can start writing immediately once it arrives. There’s also a small ink window on the body of the pen to help you keep tabs on your ink level when writing.

All in all, the reason you would go for a LAMY LX compared to a LAMY Al-Star is purely for vanity reasons. It’s very obvious that the LAMY LX is artistic in nature and designed for those who want a beautiful pen to put on display, whether you leave it out on your desk or clipped to the pocket of your favorite suit jacket. Did we mention the LAMY LX comes with a matching anodized aluminum pen case you can use when traveling? Now that’s an added touch we can get on board with.

If you’re wanting to add a LAMY LX to your fountain pen collection, then Truphae has you covered. Shop LAMY LX fountain pens now and be sure to check out the full LAMY collection we have available for some other great options. You simply can’t go wrong with a German-made LAMY pen when adding to your collection!

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  • Dow barton

    Best fountain pen I have bought so far, use it daily

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