LAMY Safari - Best Beginner Fountain Pen

LAMY Safari - Best Beginner Fountain Pen

Transitioning from your standard ballpoint pen to a fountain pen entails a slight learning curve; however, no other pen eases this transition quite as much as the LAMY Safari. Designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned fountain pen enthusiasts, the Lamy Safari embraces the art of smooth and precise writing like no other. 

To show you what makes it one of the best beginner fountain pens, we'll dive into LAMY Safari’s unique features and give you all the details about its ergonomic design, superior craftsmanship, and the smooth writing experience it provides. 

Without further ado, let’s get started.

LAMY Safari Candy Fountain Pen





Aquamarine, Mango, Violet, Savannah Green, Terra Cotta, and more


10 g


140 mm


ABS plastic



Distinctive Design

The LAMY Safari’s clean and minimalistic design merges functionality and style. Its unique body is perfectly constructed with straight and rounded lines, but this distinctive shape is not purely for aesthetic reasons. The two curved sides prevent it from rolling off a desk, and you’ll find a window that allows you to check the ink levels at all times.

The triangular grip section is where this pen shines since its ergonomic design provides a comfortable writing experience that’s especially useful for beginner fountain pen users. And, of course, there’s the signature LAMY clip that allows you to attach your pen to your pocket, a pile of documents, or on top of your journal. 

All of the design elements flow seamlessly to create this cohesive and functional pen.

Majestic Materials

The affordable price of the LAMY Safari is mainly due to the cost-efficient materials it’s made of. Its ABS plastic body is responsible for its light weight, and while it’s rather durable, it may accumulate dents and dings over time. For those who are looking for a more durable option, you may want to look into the AL Star series, which is made of aluminum.

LAMY's use of ABS plastic in the Safari series enabled manufacturers to release it in several different colors. On the one hand, you have the classic black, blue, red, yellow, and white colors, either in a shiny or a matte version. On the other hand, you have the color varieties for pen enthusiasts with a more specific taste, such as the USA Independence, Aquasky, Bright Lime Green, Bright Shiny Pink, Cozy Cream, Retro Blue & Red, Retro White & Black, and many others.

Funky Features

All of LAMY Safari’s features contribute to its uniqueness. That being said, we feel that its overall design that combines functionality and aesthetics and the well-recognized clip make it truly stand out from the crowd. 

Nimble Nib

Another area where the LAMY Safari shines is the special nib that comes in a few sizes, including extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad. There are even calligraphy nib options in 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm line widths.

Each nib size is specifically designed with the end user in mind, therefore the finer nibs are aimed at pen aficionados with smaller and sometimes hard-to-read handwriting, while the broader ones are aimed at those with larger handwriting. On top of that, the LAMY Safari can be ordered with a special nib attachment that’s perfectly suitable for left-handed writers since it significantly reduces smudging. 

Irresistible Ink

Naturally, the ink flow of the pen is extremely smooth and allows you to fully explore your writing style, improving it with each writing session. Another great news is that LAMY Safari can be used either with bottled ink or cartridges, and the choice is entirely yours.

If you’re a fan of bottled ink, you can pair this pen with LAMY’s fast-drying ink and choose from their selection of bottled ink colors. And pairing LAMY’s fast-drying ink with the special left-handed nib attachment sounds like every leftie’s dream. As another option, you can purchase some of  LAMY’s individual ink cartridges, which allow for a smooth transition between cartridges. 

Writing Performance

Above all else, using the LAMY Safari is a pure delight from start to finish. The liquid ink flows smoothly across the pages and has a silky quality that fountain pen aficionados enjoy. Paired with the ASMR experience that the nib makes once it grazes the paper, using this pen makes for the most enjoyable writing experience you can expect as a beginner. 

And on top of that, it comes at a really affordable price.

You can use it on a daily basis for journaling, planning, writing thank you notes, and any other writing assignment you can think of, elevating your experience during each and every one of those activities.


The LAMY Safari is an excellent choice for pen enthusiasts looking for an entry-level fountain pen for a number of reasons:

  • It doesn’t break the bank - in the realm of fountain pens, the LAMY Safari is one of the most cost-efficient quality pens.
  • Features a piston converter - the piston works similarly to a syringe and fills the reservoir with ink, enabling a much smoother writing experience.
  • Has an ergonomic shape - it’s very comfortable to write with as a result of its light weight and triangular grip, which enables a smoother writing experience even during longer sessions.
  • Contemporary design - even though fountain pens can seem a bit old-fashioned, the Safari has a contemporary twist to the classic design.
  • Useful ink window - a cool feature that allows you to check how much ink remains in your pen so you know when it needs a refill.
  • Unique pen clip - its design is fun and simple, yet completely functional.


Even though the LAMY Safari is a great pen through and through, it has a few drawbacks:

  • The material - while the overall design is eye-catching and functional, the plastic material isn’t as durable as one would like their fountain pen to be.
  • It doesn’t feature a flex nib - it’s not a great option if you’re looking to start practicing calligraphy.
  • Smaller reservoir - the ink reservoir needs to be refilled once every five days if you use it on a daily basis.
  • Messier refill - compared to other types of pens, fountain pens need more maintenance and upkeep.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect beginner fountain pen can be a daunting task, however, the LAMY Safari simplifies this process significantly. It’s a pen that will not only give you a smooth and stylish writing experience but also features a few unique elements, such as the nib, the clip, and the ergonomic design, all of which set it apart.

Due to its exceptional craftsmanship and great attention to detail, it rises above competitor pens in terms of cost and efficiency. Its value exceeds its price point, making it a pen that you'll continue to cherish even after trying more expensive options.

If you’re a pen enthusiast seeking a reliable and budget-friendly beginner fountain pen that delivers an unparalleled performance without compromising on quality, the LAMY Safari should be your top choice.

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