Montblanc Noblesse Oblige Fountain Pen Review

Montblanc Noblesse Oblige Fountain Pen Review

Montblanc Noblesse

History of the Montblanc Noblesse

The Montblanc Noblesse range of fountain pens are highly sought after in today’s collector market, as these pens were easily distinguished by their elaborate, colorful finishes and solid gold nibs. There were three distinct generations of the Montblanc Noblesse released, with the Noblesse Oblige rounding off the collection as the fourth and final iteration of the range before they were all discontinued to make way for other Montblanc pens, like the Boheme.

The Montblanc Noblesse was originally released in the mid 1970’s after Montblanc’s VIP line of fountain pens. They were sold simultaneously alongside the SlimLine collection, which was incredibly popular at the time and still remains a popular option for avid fountain pen collectors to this day, as does the Noblesse.

The SlimLine pens were known for their third Montblanc logo that was embedded into the end of a straight clip. Often referred to as the triple-star pens, these Montblanc SlimLine pens were a favorite among those who loved to show off their Montblanc pride. Another thing that made the SlimLine collection unique was the available matte color choices. This gave collectors the option of a more refined and subtle pen compared to the common glossy lacquered pen.   

The first generation of the Montblanc Noblesse was offered in only a few finishes, such as brushed stainless steel and smooth gold plating. All of the different versions of the first-generation Montblanc Noblesse were adorned with gold-plated trims and a rather simple, stainless-steel nib and straight clip. The signature Montblanc logo is seen in two places, at the top of the pen cap and the bottom of the end cap.

Montblanc’s second-generation Noblesse was heavily compared to their SlimLine collection of fountain pens, as they shared many similarities. Although, the Noblesse second-generation fountain pen was more expensive than the SlimLine due to its solid gold nib – SlimLine pens featured a classic stainless-steel nib.

Another distinguishable difference between these two pens are the types of finishes that were offered. The SlimLine fountain pen was available in your classic glossy finish and a more subtle matte finish in a variety of colors.  The second-generation Noblesse was only offered with a glossy finish. Perhaps the most recognizable difference between the two was a third embedded Montblanc logo on the straight clip of the SlimLine pen.

For the third-generation Noblesse, Montblanc decided to introduce a new, elaborate split clip design, which was eventually carried over into the Noblesse Oblige range. This pen also had a more traditionally shaped nib made of solid gold, as well as a more pronounced trim to enhance its overall style.

The elaborate design of this fountain pen elevated it into a higher price bracket compared to previous Noblesse models, which could be why Montblanc decided to introduce the Noblesse Oblige, as it was a cheaper alternative to the third-generation Noblesse and more in line with the price of the second-generation Noblesse and SlimLine pens.


Montblanc Noblesse Oblige Features

The Montblanc Noblesse Oblige Fountain Pen features a slender design that was made available in a variety of colors during its original release in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s. In addition to your standard solid colors, there were a few, rare marbled designs produced from 1996-1998, which make the Noblesse an attractive pen for the ultimate collector. This pen was manufactured and sold simultaneously with the third-generation Montblanc Noblesse. 

As we previously mentioned, the Noblesse Oblige features a unique split clip like the Noblesse third-generation fountain pen. It also has an acrylic body that was available in several different colors with a glossy finish, including black, burgundy, navy blue, olive green, yellow, violet, and more. Most Noblesse Oblige fountain pens that were produced featured a classic gold-plated trim, although if you’re lucky, you can find one of the select few that were produced with a platinum-plated trim instead.

This particular fountain pen relies on ink cartridges for refilling, unless you’re lucky enough to find or already own an old-style Montblanc converter. Getting your hands on one of these fountain pen converters would allow you to turn the pen into a friction filler instead, although this may sacrifice some of your ink capacity. If you enjoy tinkering around with things, it is possible to refill your fountain ink cartridges with the right tools and techniques. 

All in all, the Montblanc Noblesse Oblige is a stunning Montblanc fountain pen that fine writers will certainly enjoy, if they can get their hands on a well-kept preowned model. Preowned Montblanc fountain pens are hard to come by, but you can find a small selection on our website at any given time. If you see something you like, make sure you grab it before it’s gone, as these are increasingly more difficult to find, especially from a reliable vendor.

Take a look at our current Montblanc Fountain Pen inventory today, and be sure to check back often, as we are constantly updating our website with new listings for pre-owned Montblanc pens that come into the store.

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  • Theresa Hackett

    I have what I think is a Noblesse fountain pen. It has a gold nib, slim, brushed silver coloured body and a straight clip coloured gold. I also have the matching ball point pen.
    I’d welcome any more information and can provide photos.

  • enuh

    Lovely pen! I have a Noblesse, too. Just not sure where I can find compatible converters. Are you selling one? Thanks!

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