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Montegrappa: Made For You (feat. The Mia Carrisima)

Some of the finest fountain pen brands in the world are becoming known for many different types of luxuries.

Montegrappa is a perfect example, extending their positive reputation into such things as not just pens and watches but also fragrances, too (yes, they really now have a line of natural scents for both men and women including the aptly named Calligraphy scent!).

But, alas, their fountain pens still have us swooning the most.

If you haven’t seen some of their specialty lines, you’re truly missing out. For instance, need a great gift for someone in a specific field of work? Check out their Professions series, with pens for chefs (the body looks just like a utensil!), pilots (the cap looks just like the nose of a plane!), and more.

Montegrappa has become so personalized that they now even offer their “Made By You” series, where you can actually use their Configurator and create your own pen based on your exact preferences. Color, clip embellishment, trim, and special engraving – it’s all you!

Today, however, we focus on the Mia Carissima – one of the most elegant pens this brand has released, and one of our personal favorites.

Montegrappa Limited Edition Mia Carissima Malachite Green Plating With Silver Trim Fountain Pen


The Mia Carissima

The Mia Carissima (literally “my darling”) was born out of Montegrappa’s own history: a troubled, war-stricken beginning, centered right around the time of the first World War. Soldiers during this war would frequently send letters home beginning with this simple phrase, and they were a sign of hope and a light in what was otherwise a very dark time.

Montegrappa has issued their own “Mia Carissima” in memory of the past, but with a positive outlook toward the future.

art deco fountain


The gorgeous Malachite green resin with black swirls and sterling silver trim is in memory of the famous Elmo pens from during this time of war in the early 20th century.

The clip is reminiscent of an Art Deco style, the vibrant art scene that grew popular during the war as well. One of our favorite features in the Mia Carissima, however, is the 18k gold nib. Hidden in the special “safety nib system,” and made from a rotating mechanism inside the barrel, the nib can be hidden when not in use, or twisted up to allow for writing.

Many fountain pen lovers will find this just as exciting: instead of the laborious filling methods of the past, the ink supply in the Mia Carissima simply comes from a single cartridge. 


A Bold New Vision for Montegrappa

If you become a Montegrappa owner, don’t forget you can become a real part of their family by joining the official Roll of Honour. Each customer who buys a Montegrappa will find a guarantee booklet inside with a voucher.

All you have to do is fill out the voucher, send it back, and you’ll be enrolled (also earning yourself an extra 12-month guarantee on your purchase!).

If you want to see the Mia Carissima, or several other equally impressive options from Montegrappa, check out our collection on the site. A great price on an even greater pen awaits. We look forward to serving you!

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    Am in Ghana, can I get one…. Great pen with great 📖

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