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Monteverde: An American “Mont” for the Fountain Pen Community

It’s time to introduce a new “Mont” to the fountain pen community. Everyone knows the German Montblanc and the Italian Montegrappa, but are you as familiar with the USA-born Monteverde?

With over 40 years of experience and celebrating 20 years officially in business, Monteverde USA prides itself in quality with a reasonable price point.

Under the Yafa Pen Company umbrella (known for such brands as Conklin and the writing instrument side of Hugo Boss), Monteverde has an almost innumerable amount of fountain pen offerings.

The Cube series offers a unique shape and feel with a square brass barrel (say goodbye to pens rolling off desks!); the Essenza is a bit more fashionable (it features European-grade acrylic resins!); the Impressa boasts a modern design (these pens start off square at the top, then blend into a rounded body!); and the Monza is a mix of transparent, bright colors (the lightweight demonstrators give users a view into all the inner workings!).

These are just a handful of the endless varieties offered by Monteverde. Today, however, our focus is on the Giant Sequoias – one of our personal favorites! 

monteverde fountain pens 

The Giant Sequoia in Blue

One of our favorite features about the Giant Sequoia is its size. These large resin pens are oversized without being too big.

Filling by cartridge or converter, they are light and easy to write with, despite the larger size. (Yes, they’re purposely and adequately named from the giant sequoia trees that possess large, but peaceful bodies.) In addition to the blue, the pen is also offered in other earthy tones with polished chrome accents, including a lovely shade of brown and the green described more below.

giant sequoia 

The Giant Sequoia in Green

The “green” version of the Giant Sequoia beats out the blue for us by a hair because of the wonderful colors present. Instead of being just green, it’s technically a mix of turquoise, black, and silver.

The coloring becomes a great combination of both bright and dark tones, which really mix well. The beautiful stainless steel nib and silver clip provide even more great contrast to the almost-striped body. It’s a real winner in terms of not only looks, but usefulness as an EDC (everyday carry) as well.

black and blue pens 

An American Treasure

In a time where many of our favorite fountain pen brands are not USA-based, Monteverde prides itself in having its worldwide headquarters in Canoga Park, California.

They’re also engrained in their American roots, as exemplified by offering special inks for local pen shows (an awesome coral ink for the 2019 LA Pen Show, and a fun blue for last year’s Washington, D.C. Supershow).

Their pens are rivaled by the fact that they’re technically the world’s largest single source for pen refills, too (offering refills for many famous brands such as Montblanc, Parker, and Pelikan). If you’re interested in finding out more about this company or browsing our current Monteverde pen selection, we will be listing new Monteverde items frequently under our New Arrivals section.

Feel free to send us a message for more specific details, too! We’d love to get a new brand into your hands – and as always, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll find a way to make it right!

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