Noodler’s: Quality Flex Pens at an Affordable Price

We’ve mentioned some exciting news coming up over the next few months, and today’s announcement is just the beginning. We are proud to now be authorized retailers for Noodler’s, an American company centered around both quality ink and affordable pens. Yes, American-made ink is truly a fact here – from cap to glass to the ink itself, everything is made in the USA! Known mostly for this ink, their selections range from “freeze resistant” (preventative against certain weather conditions), “eternal” (for documents that need to stand the test of time), “bulletproof” (blocking external forces such as UV light, bleaches, etc.), and “water resistant.”

Noodler’s affordable ink (known to have the lowest cost per volume in stores) has also now transitioned into the fountain pen world – with pens that are stunningly beautiful in design, but super cost-effective for your wallet. Below we’ll highlight a few of our favorite models and what we love most about them!

The Neponset Fountain Pens

noodlers neponset

These four Noodler’s are all about size! The oversized Neponset shape and design provides plenty of room to grip without feeling too heavy. The colors also really stand out in this group of pens. From blacks and browns, to greys and silvers, to bold and bright yellows, this group of pens has some of our favorite Noodler’s color combinations. (Clockwise starting at the bottle of ink, we have featured the Victory Garden acrylic, the Seven Pines ebonite, the Black Python acrylic, and the Appalachian Pearl acrylic.) Another great thing about these pens is that they have music nibs (three-tined), meaning they are extremely flexible and will write with a varying line width based on your liking (the lines can get very thick!). They also feature a slide piston mechanism for the ink, so you can use any kind of ink you want!

The Konrad Fountain Pen

noodlers konrad

Another flex nib fountain pen option from Noodler’s is the Konrad. Shown above is my personal favorite model: the Coral Sea. This style varies in color, with some of the pens showing a more prominent red with blue patches, while some are more predominantly blue with red patches. If you’re familiar with Noodler’s, this particular style is smaller than the Ahab, but larger than the Nib Creaper. The Konrad also features a twist piston mechanism with a blind cap. As this is considered a flex pen, it’s definitely meant to be pulled apart and adjusted as needed!

The Boston Safety Pens

boston safety

The Boston Safety Pen series is an ebonite series that’s safe to use with any of your bonded inks (and again, featuring great flex nibs). Pictured above are the black and chestnut models - the chestnut is one of our favorite color patterns! They are best filled with ink via an eyedropper – there are even double seals to keep them from spilling; just don’t open them facing down or you might be unpleasantly surprised! This filling, however, allows them to start right up after non-use due to the fact that the nib and the feed stay submerged in ink when retracted. (Feel free to watch this helpful instructional video if you need tips:
Overall, the Boston Safety pens provide a unique writing experience with a clever design. They're great to play with over your favorite cup of coffee!

The Cardinal Darkness Collection

noodler's cardinal kestrel

One of our favorite aspects of the Cardinal Darkness pens is that you can get it in multiple shapes and sizes to fit your preference. The smallest (far left) is the Nib Creaper standard flex nib variety; moving to the right we have the Ahab piston fill style, and finally the Konrad flex on the far right. The Nib Creaper is great in that it shows how much ink is left in the pen through a series of small windows – it’s also a solid first choice for any fan, as it was the first fountain pen produced by Noodler’s back in 2010! For the Ahab, those who don’t like the piston mechanism can actually use the pen as an eyedropper for an up to 6ml ink capacity. And don’t forget the Konrad – a beautiful size right between the smaller Nib Creaper and the larger Ahab.

Affordable Additions to Your Collection

If you haven’t tried Noodler’s yet, there is really no risk since the prices are totally unbeatable. Most of the pens that we carry from this brand start at $16 retail and go up to $75 at most – what a steal! Be sure to shop our collection, or contact us today to put in a special request!

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