Pelikan: A Commitment to Responsibility and Luxury

If you aren’t familiar with Pelikan, just know they are one of the most reliable and well-established brands within the fountain pen community.

Although they offer over 12,000 products including pens, paper, and other various office supplies, their premium writing instrument offerings are among some of the best.

This Berlin-based group has an over-180 year history and has subsidiaries and sales companies everywhere from Mexico to Romania to Japan. Their expansion came from humble beginnings when Carl Hornemann first owned an ink factory back in 1838. Pelikan grew into an officially registered brand in 1878, launching the first official Pelikan fountain pen in 1929.

The company’s famous “Model 400” was eventually released in 1950, with other big landmarks following, including the first Limited Editiom in 1993 and a partnership with Porsche Design in 2011.

In order to keep this longstanding history running at full speed ahead, Pelikan is just as concerned with environmental responsibility as they should be.

From the procurement of raw materials, to meeting international environmental standards, to the selection of qualified partners, to their commitment to using recyclable materials, Pelikan certainly has its bases covered – a company committed to both extreme responsibility and ultimate luxury.

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The Stone Garden Series

The Souverän M800 Stone Garden series features pens in an opaque dark blue, with an overlapping marble texture.

Named for the calming feeling provided by stone gardens, these pens are made from cellulose-acetate and a high-quality resin material. They feature a 24k gold ring and clip, and an 18k gold nib (they’re available now in Fine, Medium, and Broad nibs!).

The gold accents are probably our favorite feature of this model, as they give the darker body a nice shine on the top and across the middle & bottom. I’ve personally always loved a deep blue and gold color combination! We also love how the weight feels solid without being too heavy in the hand.

The lighter weight allows for longer periods of writing without substantial hand cramping, but is just heavy enough to be a constant reminder that a truly luxurious writing instrument is in your grasp. In keeping with the company’s environmental friendliness, these pens are packaged in folding boxes, although gift boxes can be ordered separately.

All ours are offered with the gift boxes by default.

Souverän M800 With 18k gold nib


Adding to Your Flock

For fountain pen lovers, this Pelikan series is a must-have. These pens also make great business gifts for the holidays.

The strong blues and gold will certainly make a statement in any professional or personal business setting. Paired with a solid color ink, these Pelikans feel timeless, just like the company intends to be.

My personal favorite pairing would be a dark maroon color, such as Robert Oster Maroon 1789! If you’re doing some shopping for yourself, filling out your Christmas wish list, or starting to collect ideas for gift-giving with your friends, be sure to check out more details on these gorgeous pieces here, or send us a message today if you have any additional questions.

As always, we’re here to help you find your next dream pen!

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