Pilot Metropolitan Review: A Great Beginner Fountain Pen

Pilot Metropolitan Review: A Great Beginner Fountain Pen

Embarking on your fountain pen journey has never been easier than with the Pilot Metropolitan

This extremely functional fountain pen is not only renowned for its exceptional performance, but it’s also recognized as the perfect budget-friendly choice for novices and seasoned fountain pen aficionados alike. With its top-notch design, outstanding performance, and affordability, this pen has earned its well-deserved reputation. 

Without further ado, let us take you on a journey into the intriguing features and hidden gems of this unique writing instrument and unravel all its secrets. 

Pilot Metropolitan Black Crocodile Fountain Pen





Black Crocodile, Bronze Lizard, White Tiger, Plain Black, Silver Python, Violet Purple Leopard, Plain Gold, Silver with Dots Pattern, and others


29 g


138 mm





Distinctive Design

While embracing a minimalist aesthetic, this pen exudes an understated elegance that transcends simplicity. Its cigar-shaped barrel made from brass adds a touch of classic charm and contributes to the pen’s durability.

Another thing that sets this pen apart is the matte metallic coating and the designed midsection. The former gives the pen a polished look, while the latter features different slightly-textured patterns, such as lizard, tiger, crocodile, lizard, dots, and others. 

Moreover, the Pilot Metropolitan offers an exceptional balance, whether the cap is or isn’t posted, ensuring a seamless and comfortable writing experience, while the long and slender clip elevates the pen's overall aesthetic appeal.

All of these features make the Metropolitan a true statement piece and contribute to its high-end, luxurious look.

Majestic Materials

The metal barrel of the Metropolitan is what gives the pen the premium feel we know and love. It’s a much more durable option compared to the plastic-made pens in a similar price category. Adding to the quality aspect of this pen is the steel-made nib which gives you a smudge-free writing experience, especially the fine-sized nibs, regardless of whether you’re a left-handed or right-handed writer. 

Funky Features

The graphic mid-section is one of the most memorable features of the Pilot Metropolitan. The pen draws inspiration from various animal patterns that will suit the taste and preferences of any writer.

Another great feature is the 1.1mm stainless steel nib that’s suitable for writers who want to give calligraphy a try without breaking the bank. Paired with the wide variety of refills that are available for this series, only the sky’s the limit when it comes to your writing experience.

Nimble Nib

The true standout piece when it comes to the Pilot Metropolitan is the smooth and reliable steel nib. Even though it has limited options regarding nib sizes, the fine and medium nibs don’t fail to impress. They provide efficient and smooth ink flow and give you a first-rate writing experience. A perfect option for writers who enjoy a stiffer as opposed to a flex nib type and a crisp and consistent medium line.

We have to mention that while the limited nib sizes can work for beginner fountain pen users, more experienced writers would benefit from a bit more versatility.

Pilot Metropolitan MR Retro Pop Purple Fountain Pen

Writing Performance

Providing good ink flow and proper smoothness, you can expect a first-rate writing experience at an affordable cost when using Pilot’s refills with your Pilot Metropolitan pen. Explore different types of inks and find your favorite one, all while using a fountain pen that looks and feels premium.

It’s important to mention that there are two versions of the Metropolitan series, a European and a Japanese. The former is made for standard international cartridges, while the international one uses the Pilot cartridges.

You can also use a converter if you're a fan of bottled ink, however, we need to mention that even though it’s not an extremely fancy converter, it gets the job done really well, considering its price.


The reasons why the Pilot Metropolitan is a well-known pen in the realm of fountain pens are numerous, so let’s check them out:

  • Affordable price - If you know the fountain pen market, you know how pricey these pens can get, however, this isn’t something you should worry about with the Metropolitan since it really is a pen that’s worth every dollar.
  • Metal body - It’s rare to find a good quality pen with a low price tag, but the Metropolitan somehow achieves this.
  • Easy refill - You can go with bottled ink or ink cartridges, depending on what you most enjoy using.
  • Intriguing design - The pen comes in a myriad of colors and designs that will accommodate even the pickiest fountain pen aficionado.
  • Good for the environment - Reusable fountain pens are a much better option for the environment compared to single-use ballpoint pens.


As with any other writing tool, the Pilot Metropolitan also has a few drawbacks despite its outstanding performance and great value for money:

  • Uncomfortable edge in the grip section - The metal edge at the end of the grip section can cause a bit of discomfort while writing because it hits the thumb and the forefinger.
  • Ink flow issues - Although uncommon, some users have complained that the Pilot Metropolitan sometimes has ink flow problems, including unexpected ink drops, delayed ink flow, as well as a scratchy writing experience with the fine-sized nib. 
  • Small converter - One type of the Pilot Metropolitan converter is much smaller than the other, so you might have to refill it more often, which can be a bit of an inconvenience if you’re used to doing longer writing sessions.
  • Squeeze converter - The squeeze converter that this pen comes with is one of the cheapest converter types that needs manual pressure to draw in ink and expel air, as opposed to the piston converter that’s easier to control and much cleaner to use.  

Final Thoughts

While there are a lot of beginner-friendly pens out there, there’s none quite like the Pilot  Metropolitan. The ease of use, smooth refill system, and intriguing design make this a great pen to add to your collection, regardless of your experience level with fountain pens.

We hope that your writing experience with the Pilot Metropolitan is just as smooth as ours and that you’ll love this pen just as much as we do. Feel free to share your personal experience with this affordable and sturdy pen and let us know which feature you enjoy the most.

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