Pilot Vanishing Point Black Carbonesque Fountain Pen

Pilot Vanishing Point Review: One of the Best Retractable Fountain Pens

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Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Carbonesque Fountain Pen

Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Carbonesque Fountain Pen

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Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Blue Fountain Pen

Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Blue Fountain Pen

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Pilot Vanishing Point Black Carbonesque Fountain Pen

Pilot Vanishing Point Black Carbonesque Fountain Pen

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The Pilot Vanishing Point is the bread and butter of retractable fountain pens. There’s not a pen enthusiast out there who hasn’t heard of it, unless they’re new to the fountain pen community, of course, and for a good reason! If we piqued your interest and you’re now wondering why this pen is so well known and why everyone is raving about it, stick with us.

This article will reveal all the secrets and give you the inside scoop about its unique retractable feature, minimalistic design, extremely pleasant writing experience, and much more. Let’s start unraveling all the ins and out of this outstanding pen.





Gun metal, matte blue, red & gold, red & rhodium, black & rhodium, black carbonesque, blue carbonesque, gun metal & matte black, black matte, and others


31 gr


141 mm


Lacquered metal


Vanishing point

Distinctive Design

This remarkable pen has been on the market for over 60 years, which is a true testament to its quality and functionality, but its distinctive design is the first thing you notice. Seeing as it's a retractable pen, it doesn’t have the usual anatomy of most fountain pens, eliminating the need for a cap.

Often called a clicker pen, the Pilot Vanishing Point is a function-oriented pen with a minimalistic design.

The pen’s tip looks similar to a click-style ballpoint pen, but with a distinct semi-circle opening at the end that accommodates the fountain nib’s unique shape. While the pen originally used the twist-to-retract mechanism, Pilot later changed it to the push button mechanism that’s located at the side of the barrel. 

To ensure optimal performance, the pen includes a sealing mechanism at the tip that prevents the nib from drying out when retracted. It disassembles by unscrewing the barrel at the center of the pen, enabling you to easily change the nibs or clean the pen.

Majestic Materials

Crafted with an aluminum-made barrel that comes in a regular and matte version, the pen showcases durability and exceptional craftsmanship. It’s a perfect fit for beginner fountain pen enthusiasts as it’s sturdy, yet it doesn’t feel very heavy.

It comes in a wide selection of colors, so you can find one that matches your stationary and personal style alike. The only downside is that it accommodates a smaller amount of ink due to the retractable mechanism.

Funky Features

The retractable nib of the Pilot Vanishing Point is probably its most amazing feature. It enables you to have the benefits of a ballpoint pen and the performance of a fountain pen – the nib can be retracted so the ink doesn’t dry and you get an exceptional writing experience only fountain nibs can provide.

Yet another great feature is the quality of the nibs and the versatility of the nib sizes. They also work perfectly for left-handed writers who need to adjust their angle and grip size to prevent unwanted smudges.

Lastly, the Vanishing Point works with both cartridges and bottled ink, allowing everyone to take full advantage of all that this pen offers.

Nimble Nib

pilot nib

Pilot nibs have been known as some of the best nibs in the pen industry, and the same can be said for Vanishing Point’s 18k white gold nibs. Writers can choose from a wide variety of nibs, including extra fine, fine, medium, broad, and 1.0 mm stub. The broader nibs can also be used for calligraphy, while the finer nibs are perfectly suited for lefties and those with smaller handwriting.

Even though the nibs may have a bit of feedback at first, the more you use them, the finer and smoother the experience becomes.

Irresistible Ink

Apart from amazing pens with outstanding nibs, Pilot also boasts a wide selection of bottled inks and ink cartridges.

Pilot Namiki are some of the most memorable Pilot ink cartridges in the Truphae store, which you can find in the following colors: red, purple, green, blue, black, sepia, and blue/black.

On the other hand, we have Pilot’s exclusive range of bottled inks from the Pilot Iroshizuku series, which are considered some of the best pen inks for everyday use. The selection comes in a wide variety of colors, and each color comes in two sample sizes, such as the 2 ml and 5 ml sample, as well as a 50 ml bottle.

Writing Performance

The Pilot Vanishing Point offers an unparalleled writing experience that will elevate your penmanship to new heights. It never skips, never starts hard, and using it for longer writing sessions won’t end up with you experiencing hand strain.

And to top it all off, since the barrel and tip taper down to a pretty small diameter, it caters to writers with both larger and smaller hands. The only thing that may be unsuitable for some writers is that the clip is placed in a spot that can be an issue when writing, but it’s definitely a pen in a league of its own that’s worth trying out.


Using the Pilot Vanishing Point comes with a long list of benefits, including:

  • Superior craftsmanship and great attention to detail in each part of the pen
  • Outstanding design and visual appearance
  • Smooth nib with a touch of springiness
  • Retractable mechanism that works really well and prevents your nib from drying out
  • Wide range of nib sizes
  • Available in different colors with a matte or shiny finish
  • Operates really well and never skips
  • Affordable when we consider all its wonderful features


The Pilot Vanishing Point also comes with some minor drawbacks:

  • The ink cartridge is significantly smaller due to the inclusion of the retractable mechanism that takes up some space and the ink chamber
  • Its ink supply is considerably smaller as a result of the smaller ink cartridge
  • The matte coating can wear off after using the pen for a long time
  • Some feel that the clip is not positioned ideally and may bother you when writing

Final Thoughts

As devoted writers and fountain pens connoisseurs, we’re not surprised by all the amazing attributes that the Pilot Vanishing Point offers. The striking aesthetics, ergonomic comfort, and flawless functionality make it a great pen for everyday use as well as for longer writing sessions.

It embodies the true essence of a luxury pen wrapped in an affordable package when we take into consideration the plethora of features that have been included in this top-notch writing tool. Commanding a great writing experience enabled by the wide variety of available nib sizes, it’s a pen that you’ll reach for time after time, so it’s no surprise that it’s considered the best retractable pen in the pen market.

If you’ve used this pen, we’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comment section below. Feel free to write all your pros, cons, and tips so you can help someone from our community get the full picture of all that this pen offers.

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