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Pilot’s Vanishing Point Stripes: A Classic Touch

Quality. Performance. Technology.

That’s what you get with Pilot Fountain Pens. Yes, Pilot was actually the first to introduce Americans to “fine-point writing” and maintains the top share position in the US for rollerballs. Pilot is not only on the cutting edge of technology, but also right where they need to be socially, too. For example, Pilot recently sponsored the Teen Choice Awards.

With a goal of promoting creativity and erasing negativity, their aim was to have celebrities share the phrases that allowed them to pursue their dreams. Of course, Pilot Pens were on display to help with that! With the addition of an “Erase Bullying for Good” campaign, Pilot has really struck a chord by making sure it backs its technologic advances with advances in our communities as well. 

Despite Pilot’s modern advances, we love the classic touch their pens frequently possess. And what’s a better example of this than one of the latest Vanishing Points: the Stripes fountain pen!

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The Vanishing Point Stripes

Pilot has been putting out quite a variety of Vanishing Points recently. Fans seem to love the slightly larger size, and the variety of color combos. From black, blue and red barrel colors with gold or rhodium accents – to black or blue carbonesque finishes with rhodium accents – to yellow, brown, raden, chrome, white and gun metal gray finishes with rhodium accents – Pilot has given the consumer quite the number of choices. However, there’s nothing quite like the Stripes. 

On first glance, the Vanishing Point Stripes is a stunning addition to the Pilot family. With each turn, a new reflection of light is seen. The bright silver is eye-catching, and the solid lines give the body a streamlined and classic look, with an added texture. The rhodium plating over the brass body make this a solid pen, and the capless feature (a trap-door mechanism) allows the user to extend or retract the 18k gold nib with a simple click. This gives the pen a modern feel while still providing the nib that fountain pen enthusiasts love. Writers can fill this beautiful pen with cartridges or bottled ink and the included converter.

A Classic Starter Deal

If you’ve been wondering about fountain pens, but don’t think the format is a good fit for you, the Vanishing Points Stripes would be a great starter. The feel of the pen is reminiscent of a regular clickable ballpoint or rollerball pen, except the enhancement of course is the nib that comes out instead! We are offering special discount pricing for this product on our website right now, so don’t delay! Pro Tip: If you see the Chat button on our site, we’re available to help you right then and there – live!

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