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ST Dupont D-Initial: Affordable Luxury

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you make up your mind that you just have to have it? And then you look at the price tag…

Unfortunately, that initial shock may be the same feeling you get when you view some of ST Dupont’s magnificent products. In fact, many fountain pen enthusiasts have had to choose other brands due to the higher-end cost of their luxury writing instruments. From Ultra Exclusive pens (that feel like pieces of art!) in the $50,000 range to more “regular” fountain pens that are still at least in the $450 range, ST Dupont has certainly earned their reputation for being one of the more costly brands. Their frequent super-special editions (which are some of our favorites!) like the Conquest of the Wild West and the James Bond 007 series are beautifully made collector’s pieces, but again, just not the most affordable for many users. But…for good measure. Remember, ST Dupont has a rich history of using only the finest materials (such as Chinese lacquer in even their most affordable pens) and being the premier provider for European elite including Napoleon III, plus Hollywood legends such as Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn!

However, the day where you may not feel such a sticker shock has finally come. If you’re looking to finally get a true ST Dupont fountain pen experience with just as much luxury that’s much closer to the “everyday” price range, look no further: the D-Initial series is here – in fountain pen form this time!

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The D-Initial Series

The D-Initial series from ST Dupont is being sold as an homage to the first “Classique” pen – something made with a contemporary look for the everyday writer. And that’s very precise for this series of pens. They are sleek, modern, and sophisticated without being flashy or overbearing. The curved metal bodies are simple, but perfect for any hand that does a lot of writing. If you want a solid grip without too much excess in the design (which sometimes takes away from the pleasure of holding the pen in your hand), this series is definitely for you. The clip is also straightforward, with a simple ST Dupont coat of arms – something that rounds out the modern, “business” look. Of course, the signature “D” initial (hence the name) remains on the top of the pens as well.

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In terms of personalization, the D-Initials come in black & gold or black & chrome, depending on your preference. Of course they also come in rollerball and ballpoint varieties.

But let’s get to the main point that everyone wants to talk about: the price! For those that have never tested out this brand before, now is definitely the right time. This entry level pen series keeps with the same traditional shapes and materials that ST Dupont fans have come to know and love, but uses a steel nib to make it more economical. And the best detail: they sell for only $256 MSRP


Purchase from Truphae

If you’re looking to try out ST Dupont but have never done so before, now is certainly the time. The D-Initial series is currently on sale from Truphae, with the fountain pens selling at the extremely low price of $230! Contact us today or visit for more details!

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