The Forgotten Essence of Cartier: Elegance for Every Situation

The Forgotten Essence of Cartier: Elegance for Every Situation

Many fountain pen enthusiasts resort to the big brands first for adding the next luxury good to their collection: Montblanc, Montegrappa, Waterman, Parker, etc. It seems that many fans often forget the one brand that makes some of the most elegant and high quality pens of them all: Cartier. With a history in France dating back to the 1840s, this company is known for selling its goods to royalty and some of the most prominent individuals in the world. And when you focus on designs with diamonds and other precious gems, and have princesses and actresses commissioning special works with serpents, tigers, and other exotic animals – you know you’re dealing with one of the world’s most luxurious brands!

From leather-encased to mother of pearl to rare gemstone designs, Cartier screams sophistication and style. An example of this is their “Exceptional” series, which offers pens in sterling silver and solid yellow gold, with most made in extremely limited batches (around only 5 or 10 made in the whole world!). Plus, Cartier’s offerings beyond pens, including watches, eyewear, and lighters (some of which we’ll review below) also easily stand out when compared to other similar brands.

This Cartier Pasha is simply one of the most rare pens that you will ever find! The gorgeous piece has factory diamonds installed, and is typically only available by very special order from Cartier boutiques – a real sign of exclusivity. It features 26 diamonds on the clip, and many more on the cap top. The Pasha is fitted with an original 18k gold flex (!) nib, but it’s hard to imagine wanting to take that beautiful diamond cap off! The stainless steel lighter that is pictured with the pen is also a fabulous find - something that gives off a simple elegance without being overstated. The pair matches well together, particularly due to their shimmer; the clean silver on the lighter and the diamonds in the fountain pen emit an air of extravagance unlike any other.


A less commonly known piece also comes from the Pasha series, but features a flat top, instead of the domed top seen on most other Pasha models. This beautiful black lacquer and palladium Cartier has an unbelievable cap that you have to see to believe! The studded pattern on the top gives it a textured feel, and really makes the cap unique compared to other more simple designs. Each stud reflects the light, so it magnificently shimmers with every movement. Fitted with an 18k white gold flex nib, the slim, streamlined size is a sure classic from Cartier. Paired with the double C logo design lighter, this silver and black detailed piece is reminiscent of other luxury brands that also use their large, prominent logos as a focal point. Something about this one is much more fashionable, though!


Another line within the Cartier brand is the Diabolo, which features some of the same characteristics that were patterned with the popular Diabolo watches. With a beautiful nib and an even more beautiful cap, this Diablo fountain pen is a total stunner. The large size and mixture of black and platinum really make it stand out. However, the blue cabochon (basically a “head” gemstone, shaped and polished into a rounded obverse) is what really makes this one eye-catching. Fitted with an original 18k white gold nib, you won’t be disappointed in the quality here! The bold lighter that we have this pen paired with is a true statement piece as well. The slimmer, slightly oval and rounded body shape gives it a delicate touch. Plus, the panther-like spots on the top of the lighter give it that exotic appeal, without being too overbearing.


Are you among the many collectors that has overlooked this world renowned brand? Perhaps this is simply because the fountain pen community has not yet given Cartier its shot at stardom. Their unrivaled quality, and timeless elegance is worthy of respect, and we hope they capture their rightful place among the fountain pen elites that we think of every day. 

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