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The Vanishing Point Crossed Lines: A Sophisticated Pilot Pen

The Vanishing Point Crossed Lines: A Sophisticated Pilot Pen

On one of our recent blogs, we featured one of our very favorite lines from Pilot Pen – Namiki. Since 1925, this brand has been producing some of the best-made pens around. In the past and before Namiki’s inception, many pen bodies were made with ebonite. However, ebonite has frequently been known to change color or lose its shine over time. That’s when lacquered ebonite came in to the picture, and how Namiki was truly born (and almost 100 years later, they’re still a flourishing brand!).

While we dug in to the impressive maki-e style and discussed some of their finest Asian-inspired themes in our last blog, Namikis can also come in special Limited Editions – and they deserve just as much focus! For these special runs, Namiki has produced some especially exciting designs such as raised floral patterns, horse riders depicting scenes of archery, and even fun cat motifs! One of our favorites on the more affordable side is the Vanishing Point Crossed Lines Limited Edition.

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The Vanishing Point Crossed Lines Limited Edition

While many of the Vanishing Points come in solid colors, the Crossed Lines truly stands out for its superb and eye-catching body design. The slightly larger size is a perfect match for the black body of the pen which features white crossing vertical and horizontal lines, with rhodium accents. The pen also boasts a rhodium plated 18k gold retractable nib! Each purchase of this pen comes with a Pilot Con-40 converter, as well as a blue Pilot ink cartridge (not to mention the extra-nice gift box for presentation purposes!).

The Crossed Lines LE has only been produced in 2,018 pieces to signify this year of its release. It also happens to be one of the most sleek and sophisticated pens in recent memory. It certainly comes with the style of a classic office writing pen, yet also possesses the clout of some of the finest fountain pen brands around. The black and white gives it a professional feel, while the fun pattern of crossed lines will certainly make it stand out from any other pen in your collection.

Special Vanishing Point Pricing Available

If you’re looking to experience a Namiki pen without spending a small fortune, the Vanishing Point is a great way to jump in – and the Crossed Lines is one of our absolute favorites. In fact, we are currently offering this special pen for $206, down from the regular retail price of $257.50. Be sure to check out this piece and the rest of our offerings on our website. We’re also proud to offer several of our other favorite Vanishing Point colors and styles, including the Carbonesque Carbon Fiber, the Raden Stripe, and some of the Matte styles as well.

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