TWSBI Precision Gunmetal Fountain Pen

The Best TWSBI Fountain Pen: Precision Gunmetal

If you’re interested in TWSBI fountain pens but can’t get on board with the company’s typical styling, take a look at the TWSBI Precision Gunmetal Fountain PenIt’s an edgy, metallic alternative to the typically transparent designs the company is best known for producing. 

twsbi precision


Materials & Construction

Unlike most TWSBI pens which are made from acrylics and plastics, the Precision Gunmetal model is built exactly as its name suggests, of all metal materials. 

Its cap, grip, and barrel are aluminum, and the clip and other hardwear are made from brass or stainless steel. The TWSBI Precision Gunmetal Fountain Pen. It writes beautifully, and the way its body panels line up no matter how you screw on the cap reflects the attention to detail in engineering that TWSBI devoted to this fountain pen. 

Filling Advantages

Like most TWSBI fountain pens, the Precision Gunmetal instrument holds an above average volume of ink. It uses a piston filling ink system, so you refill it by dipping the nib into a bottle of  ink and turning the back end of the pen to draw some up into the body cavity. 

This specific fountain pen allows you to see when your pen is almost empty through a large ink window, and it has one of the smoothest filling mechanisms of all the models with piston systems. 

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To see the TWSBI Precision Gunmetal Fountain Pen in action and learn more about it, watch our full video “The Very Best TWSBI Fountain Pen!” below, and remember to subscribe to the Truphae YouTube Channel for future content!  

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  • Skip Robertson

    The rumor of better plastics appears to still be just that, a rumor. I bought three Ecos in the spring of 2021. Two developed cracks before the end of the year, rendering them unusable. The third is thankfully, still a great writer. This gunmetal pen looks lovely, but I’ll never buy another TWSBI plastic body.

  • Rhodes Kriske

    Hi Bob – Agreed the plastics issue was certainly a frustration early on, but has recently been addressed by using higher quality materials. We’ve had no issues over the last 9 months with racking plastic, so I think the issue has been happily resolved.

  • Bob Lloyd

    This could be great news as my only, yet major, complaint about this manufacturer is how poorly made the plastic body is on their ‘classic’ demonstrator model. I loved the way the pen functioned in every other respect, but 2 pens’ bodies cracking within just a few months was infuriating. Great design but really crappy plastic.

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