TWSBI Vac700 Iris Fountain Pen Review

TWSBI Vac700 Iris Fountain Pen Review

At first glance, the TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen has a clear demonstrator body that shows off the vacuum filler mechanism inside. The base model and the Vac700R Iris both have some enhancements compared to the original Vac700 that make it an attractive option for your fountain pen collection. Let’s dive deeper into the details about this TWSBI fountain pen.


TSWBI Vac700R Updates

Looking inside the pen, you can see that TWSBI has taken what used to be two smaller valves in the Vac700 and combined them into a single, larger valve in the Vac700R. Additionally, the bottom section of the grip area has been enlarged and tapered more drastically than the previous generation. With these two adjustments combined, TWSBI found both of these enhancements help improve the ink flow of this fountain pen by a small percentage when the end cap is open. 

Also, because the bottom grip/feeder section has been adjusted in this way, the individual nib sets from the original Vac700 pen will not work for the new Vac700R model, so you will need to stock up on the correct nib sets to go along with the Vac700R fountain pen. The base model of the TWSBI Vac700R features a standard stainless-steel nib with the brand’s insignia engraved, while the Iris has a more unique nib that we’ll discuss in a bit.   

TWSBI is well-known for their desire to inspire pen collectors to experience all the traditional aspects of owning and using fountain pens, including the need to disassemble and reassemble the pen for general maintenance. For this reason, all Vac700R fountain pens come packaged with a wrench and silicone grease. Always remember to use caution when disassembling your fountain pens, as you can easily damage sensitive parts like the nib or the feed.


TWSBI Vac700R Iris Fountain Pen 

TWSBI Vac700R Iris Fountain Pen

The stunning iridescent colors you see on the TWSBI Vac700R Iris fountain pen are what makes this pen so unique and a step up from the base model of the Vac700R.

At first glance, you’ll notice the crystal-clear demonstrator barrel that’s similar to the standard pen, which makes checking ink levels a breeze. Then, your eyes will catch the shimmering rainbow-colored trims, including the iridescent nib and clip, that help this pen stand out. Because of the way this pen is manufactured with those iridescent sections, the colors will vary from pen to pen, making each one unique.

TWSBI Vac700R Iris Fountain Pen

These stunning rainbow colors are the result of a special heat treatment that’s given to the titanium finish on the trim and the nib. During the process, electricity is passed through the titanium to produce a light-reflective oxide on the metal’s surface. There aren’t many fountain pens on the market with an appearance like the TWSBI Vac700R Iris, which makes it an incredibly unique pen to add to your collection.


Working with the Vacuum Filling Mechanism

Of course, you know by now that the TWSBI Vac700R Iris is a vacuum filler pen, which means you get a large amount of ink each time you top it off. It’s a pretty unique option for your fountain pen collection, especially for those who enjoy writing for long periods of time, as the greater ink capacity can help lower the number of refills you need to perform in one sitting. 

To fill the TWSBI Vac700R Iris, you simply unscrew the end cap, submerge the nib in your ink supply, and pull up on the interior rod to move the plunger towards the top of the pen. Then, you will press down on the rod and send the plunger back down, creating the vacuum that’s necessary for filling the ink. Once you’ve pushed the rod all the way down again, there will be a quick release and the ink will flow into the chamber.


Final Thoughts  

The base model of the TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen will cost you around $65 USD, making it an affordable option for beginners looking to expand their collection. The TWSBI Vac700R Iris is a bit more expensive at $80 USD, which is still quite reasonable for the quality of pen you’re getting, especially when you consider the iridescent colors that are rare among fountain pens.

If you like the idea of having more ink capacity or you’re simply bored with changing out standard ink cartridges on other fountain pens, then the TWSBI Vac700R is a great pen to pick up for a slight change of pace. Just make sure you grab a suitable ink bottle to go along with your new vacuum filler pen, as you don’t want to run out in the middle of your next writing project.  

We highly recommend checking out the TWSBI Vac700R and Vac700R Iris pens, as well as the other TWSBI fountain pens we have in stock on our website, or even stopping by the store at Suite 200, 550 South Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601, to see those beautiful iridescent colors in person before you buy!

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