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U-BOAT Classico: An Affordable, New Dimension in Time - Watch Review

U-Boat Classico 46 BK 9007 Sommerso Stainless Steel & Black Dial Watch Review

Rome. Da Vinci. Fine wines. The Colosseum. Pasta. Pizza. Pisa. Are you imagining yourself in Italy yet?

If you’re familiar with the country, or if you're just wanting to go there, you must already have vivid images floating through your mind. Now what if we add U-BOAT to that list?

You should immediately start picturing an Italian watch that’s made with only the finest, highest-quality materials. In fact, all watches are made one-by-one right at the brand’s headquarters in Lucca, Tuscany.

The thing about U-BOAT, though, is that it’s not just their high-quality craftsmanship – it’s their unique characteristics that simply don't exist in other watches. Think carbon fiber, black titanium, tungsten, and other durable materials. 

The History

Back in the 1940s, Ilvo Fontana created the beginnings of a worldwide brand. If the Navy tells you to do something, you do it, right?

And that was Ilvo’s quest: to make the finest watch possible for their pilots; however, like many dreams, Ilvo's didn't materialize until later – much later, when Ilvo’s grandson Italo came across the designs and really brought the brand to life.

The Watch

So what watch are we talking about today? Let’s take a deeper look at the U-BOAT Classico 46 Sommerso BK 9007 Stainless Steel with Black Dial Wristwatch.

This model features an innovative patented crown release system at 8 o’clock for easy time and date setting.

The movements are automatic mechanical, with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of 38 hours. The watch functions with dates, hours, minutes, seconds, a 24-hour indicator, and a resistance of 300m.

The case is stainless steel AISI 316L, with a satin hand finish and a diameter of 46mm. Three superimposed dials complete this U-BOAT; the upper one in black with luminous beige hands and markers.

Of course, the watch also contains a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and a magnifying lens on the date window. For the strap, we’re looking at a black finish in rubber and a Kodiak water repellent treatment, at a width of 22/22mm.

Remember that one of the defining characteristics of U-BOAT watches is their ability to withstand extreme climate conditions, and the Somerso is no exception. What we also love about this watch is its more subdued size at 46mm.

It’s a perfect fit to the wrist without feeling oversized and overbearing.

Although U-BOAT is, of course, famous for their scuba diving-inspired designs, this particular style is a great mixture of both a classic and modern appeal. Plus, we know our customers will love the special pricing too.

Although this piece is still of the highest U-BOAT quality, the price is on the more affordable side. Although the model mentioned here normally sells for $2,495, it’s currently on sale from Truphae!

classico time


The Style

For women, wearing multiple accessories has always been a thing - necklaces, earrings, multiple bracelets, etc. For men, we only have the watch. But nowadays, it’s getting more and more popular to complement the watch with something else. This particular model of the U-BOAT Classico is the perfect opportunity to do that. With its smaller size compared to others within the brand, there’s still enough wrist room for something else that we love: the bangle. We love matching our favorite watch (and this is a new favorite!) with one of our favorite Speedometer Official bangles, as seen in the image below. We like to pair the watch colors with the bangle, so in this case, focusing in on the blacks and silvers. The blue in the U-BOAT gives it a little bit of an extra “pop.” Fun fact: Nicolas Cage frequently wears U-BOAT. If you weren’t sold before, just let that sink in. We wouldn’t be surprised if he started sporting this design soon…

u boat watch review

The End Game

If you see the large crown on the left side of the watch case, you know you’re seeing U-BOAT. You’re seeing the taste, confidence, and power of a well-defined brand. Italo even put his name directly on the brand, and that should mean something. We’re super pleased with this watch, and think you will be too! U-BOAT truly has created a new dimension in time.

Truphae is proud to partner with U-Boat and is now offering the U-Boat Classico Dial Watch and many more great U-Boat watches.

Click here for more information on the Speedometer Official bangles mentioned in this article.

Black U-Boat Classico

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