Visconti 2018: Change is in the Air

Visconti 2018: Change is in the Air

A few months ago, we noted some of the recent changes with Visconti, and how we were excited about what 2018 has offered us so far. We discussed nib updates, more luxurious packaging, new (and better!) locking mechanisms, and the like. Now that we’re a little deeper into the year, we’re even more excited about some of the actual new pens themselves that are being manufactured. Here, we’ll take a quick look at some of our absolute favorites from 2018 – you may just fall in love with them as well!

The Portofino

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If you’re a fan of anything nautical, the Portofino is a must-have. The brown and silver combination, with the hint of blue, is reminiscent of an old-fashioned boat traveling throughout Italian seas. The body is made with teak wood, and features a gorgeous stainless steel overlay. Teak wood is known as one of the most durable woods in the world, and was actually used on the decks of many warships – a clear homage to Visconti’s nautical theme on the Portofino. The design is quite different from other newer models, and the bronze coated 23k palladium nib makes it stand out even more. Limited to 388 pieces worldwide, you must catch the Portofino before it sails away!

The Torpedo

visconti torpedo

The Torpedo truly is just like its namesake – the oversized, bullet-like shape is a force to be reckoned with. Couple the general size and feel of the pen with the fact that it has a carbongraphite body and a stainless steel overlay, and you have a very powerful writing instrument. Sitting above the carbon fiber of the barrel, you’ll also find a light metal cover that surrounds two transparent openings which lets the user see the internal filing system and the ink. Although the Visconti pictured here shows the skeleton nib, it is now sold in the larger sized 23k palladium Dreamtouch nib. Fun fact: the torpedo was heavily influenced by the speed and design of super fast cars (even ones featured in comic strip designs!) of the 1930s.

The Homo Sapiens Evolution

visconti homo sapiens midnight in florence

The swirled pattern at the top and base of the new Homo Sapiens Evolution fountain pen is a perfect contrast to the solid barrel. It’s this laser-engraved resin cap that really gives the lava body an extra pop of character. The lava material is widely known as one of the most durable bodies offered on the market today. Couple that with the flared design on the cap, and you have an absolutely spectacular daily workhorse. If you’re looking for a more streamlined pen with a touch of added flair, this is certainly one of the best newer models for you!

The Divina Fashion

visconti divina

The regular Divina shape now has something with a bit more…shimmer! Featuring new colors, plus glittery stripes throughout, the new Fashion series definitely has more of a sparkle than the Sterling silver version. And this little fact may make your eyes sparkle as well: the Divina Fashions sell at much more affordable prices than the full size sterling silver line. In fact, they’re about half the price of the others. The smaller size (midi) and the steel nib (instead of a 23k palladium nib) allow these to retail at just $595 for the fountain pen varieties. The standard Sterling silver Divina now retails at $1195.

The Van Gogh Red Vineyard

visconti van gogh

The latest in the Van Gogh series is the Red Vineyard. Born as a tribute to the famous artist, and with a goal of at least 12 different models, this series features designs that elicit the colors and textures from Van Gogh’s most famous paintings. The color mixtures certainly resemble oil on canvas, as the sample of the original painting on the side clearly suggests. In even better news, this new release will be available in September!

Updating Your Collection

If you’re looking to add any of these new Visconti items to your collection, we’d love to help you! They are currently on sale from Truphae, so be sure to check out more photos and information on our website.

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