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Visconti Breeze: A No-Brainer for Today's Generation of Enthusiasts

Every February brings many questions. Will the groundhog see its shadow? Will my favorite team get into (or win) the Super Bowl? Will a new secret admirer reveal themselves on Valentine’s Day? (Let’s face it, the real question for us: Will we remember that the post office is closed on President’s Day and we can’t ship any packages that day??)

This February, however, brings with it one fact: The Breezes are coming! Yes, this February, Visconti is releasing one of their most anticipated lines: The Breeze.

visconti breeze fountain pen


The Visconti Breeze Series

Our recent obsession was with the Visconti Mirage series, and the Breeze varieties seem to be right up there with them. At risk of sounding like a broken record, the most immediate “wow” factors in these Viscontis are again color and cost.

The colors of the Breeze pens are stunning, and a great complement to the Mirages. While the Mirages came in more refined colors, such as blue, grey, emerald green, amber yellow, night blue, and coral red, the Breezes come in the following vibrant colors: blueberry blue, cherry pink, lemon yellow, lime green, mandarin orange, and plum purple. The cherry pink is a much lighter shade of pink compared to the Mirage red, while the fluorescent yellow and greens are a bit more neon and electric-looking, compared to the darker yellow and green Mirages. Plus, the addition of an orange and purple is certainly welcome!

Plum Purple Visconti Breeze

Now, let’s talk cost. The Breezes are being offered at a literally unbeatable entry price of only $120! While the Mirages are just slightly more at $159, it may come down to a color and/or style preference for you. The body of the Breeze is more cylindrical and smooth, while the Mirage features a grooved shape with ridges. The pen also now features a band directly on the body, instead of on the cap. Both series, however, feature the same resin, same new clip structure, and same new steel nib as well (sidenote: the magnetic locking system is even more improved in the Breeze series, though!). They are of course sold in Fine, Medium, and Broad nibs with a cartridge or converter filling system.

pilot pen colors


A Special Coupon for Truphae Fans!

Visconti keeps changing the game to prove that great luxury pens don’t have to break the bank. To give you an even greater incentive for pre-ordering the Breeze, we’re offering a special discount.

Just enter the coupon code “BREEZE” at checkout for a special pre-order surprise! This crazy-low price point, plus our special introductory offer, make this new Visconti offering a real no-brainer for not just new enthusiasts getting into the hobby, but old fans as well. We know you’ll fall in love with the Breeze!

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