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Visconti Mirage: A New Price Point for Luxury Pens

Some recent pieces put out by Visconti are truly some of our all-time favorite fountain pens.

Think: the Medici Il Magnifico (yes, truly a magnificent work of art!) or the Portofino, or the Torpedo. Classic, with a nice weight, and beautiful styles that really make them stand out.

However, they aren’t necessarily the most affordable pens for the every day consumer, or the entry-level fountain pen enthusiast. Heck, we are even so fond of this brand that we released our own Visconti exclusives, the Opera Master Corvina and the Opera Master Stardust. But are some of these unattainable?

Enter: The Mirage. With an absolutely insanely low price point of $159 for the fountain pens, this has quickly become one of the best-selling Viscontis ever.

And with all of your favorite Visconti features, plus some new additions that you’re sure to enjoy as well, what’s not to love?

rainbow pens


The Visconti Mirage Series

Visconti has released the Mirage series, aptly named due to the grooved shape of the pens, and how different visions are seen with each turn.

This new shape with a more modern design still has the same great feel in the hand, but with a few extra changes that we’ll get into more detail on below.

Visconti Mirage Amber Yellow and Night Blue Pens

The Mirage series comes in the following colors, from left to right in our cover image: azure blue, horn grey, emerald green (our personal favorite!), amber yellow, night blue, and finally coral red.

This new pen series comes as a celebration of Visconti’s 30th anniversary. Manufactured in Florence, Italy, the pens are made from vegetal resin and feature Visconti’s brand new steel nib! A converter is also included, although the Mirage pens still accept standard international short or long cartridges.

In terms of the changes we mentioned earlier, there are three main things to note with the Mirage pens. First, the new clip! If you’ll notice the change to the top, the manufacturing is now a bit more functional for the new design shape of this model (see below).


The second update is the moving of the MyPen system from the cap to the bottom of the body. This allows the new clip to be seen fully, as it cuts across the top of the pen now.

If you’re not familiar with the MyPen system, it’s a personalization feature from Visconti that allows you to remove the Visconti logo from the (now bottom) of the pen and replace it with your initials, your zodiac symbol, or even natural stones! Check out the below photo for more details…

Visconti Customizable Pen Cap

The third, and my personal favorite new feature, is the resin section! The cool temperature of the metal sections on prior pens were found to discourage short term writing until the metal heated up with the warmth of the fingers.

This is no longer a worry with the new resin grip sections, which have a warm touch from the get-go!

resin pen

A Rainbow of Colors Available

If you want to try one of the most affordable luxury fountain pens out there, the Mirage series is all for you.

Be sure to check out all the colors we have in stock (yes, it’s almost a full rainbow!). As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, and we’d be happy to help!

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