Inkredible Box: Penthusiast Premium Monthly Subscription
Inkredible Box: Penthusiast Premium Monthly Subscription
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Monthly Pen Box - Ink, Fountain Pens, and Accessories Shipped Each Month
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast - Delivered To Your Door
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast - Delivered To Your Door

Inkredible Box: Penthusiast Premium Monthly Subscription

Regular price$80.00

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*Requires a 3 month minimum commitment.


In each monthly Penthusiast box, you'll discover a curated collection of exceptional fountain pens, exquisite inks, and tailor-made pen accessories, all personalized to your unique preferences. Elevate your writing game with a premium fountain pen that not only feels great in your hand but elevates your writing to a whole new level.

But here's the twist: It's not just about the products; it's about the journey. Our team of pen enthusiasts handpicks a diverse range of ink products to surprise and delight you every month. You'll explore a spectrum of colors, textures, and styles, transforming your writing into an art form.

At the standard level, you'll receive a curated collection of 5 themed ink samples, each containing 4ml of ink. These samples will introduce you to a variety of ink colors, allowing you to discover new favorites.

For those seeking a premium experience, our premium level offers a full-sized bottle of ink, a true gem for any ink enthusiast. Dive into the world of colors and make your writing truly exceptional.

We welcome returns solely for defective items. Regrettably, we cannot accommodate returns based on personal preferences, such as not liking the pen or it not feeling right in your grasp.

Note:If you're a multi-level subscriber, you might spot the same sample set in both boxes. Upgrade to the "premium" to avoid duplicate samples sets if you are subscribed to more than one level.

Click here to check out our selection of hundreds of ink bottles, many of whom will be featured in this subscription.

*Orders will ship within 5 business days of purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Kevin Diaz
Fairly Disappointed

I was disappointed with this month's box. Nothing in it was of my preferred colors as well as not having variety. Of the two boxes I have received, only one item has not been from Lamy. If possible, I'd like to request that no more Lamy products are sent, and to try to stay with my two preferred colors of black and dark purple.

Jenny Wise
Glad I stayed

We got off to a slow start. I made a phone call, voiced my concerns about charging & shipping (second order around holiday complicated the process.) They apologized, listened and then proceeded to knock the next two monthly shipments out of the park.

As a relative newcomer to the fountain pen and ink world, I felt that the penthusiast subscription box would be a good way to get started.
Each month, I have received an above average pen selection and a great ink, I’ve also received great papers and cases along with it depending on the configuration.

The value is exceeding the cost (by $20 to $50) and I am receiving items that I probably wouldn’t have known to choose. I love the mystery of not knowing what I will get. Each month is a surprise and very much worth it!

The monthly subscription box is a great value and I highly suggest it.

William Meyer

Writing has become my therapy . Anticipation of the Truphae package like a celebration of the art of writing notes to self and others. The most recent package. Included a wonderful Lamy pen , my first . I would never have purchased on my own and already have gifted this one to my Sister. Great program ! And going forward consider adding personalized note. Pads/ cards .
Pleased to be part of this new venture . Bill Meyer

Michelle Parnell Rohrer
Surprise! Lamy!

I’m rather new to collecting fountain pens even though I’ve used them for years. Penthusiast is helping me discover what’s out there with their curated pens and inks. I live in a very remote area and anticipate what Truphae has come up with for the month. Lamy is one of my favorites: German quality and precision, their reasonably priced pens are factory tested! So I was thrilled to receive an Al-Star, champagne metallic in a matching cylindrical case! That will be perfect for travel. The accompanying Kyoto ink samples were good to check out, I’m not familiar with the line. I didn’t find any new favorites but then the only real way to know is to try ink in person. Truphae does such a nice job on presentation, it’s a monthly pleasure. Highly recommended.

Nicholas Aune
I'm hooked!

The Ink is Amazing! The pen was actually on my wish list. After trying lower tiers, this is my go to subscription level.

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