Inkredible Box: Penthusiast Monthly Subscription
Inkredible Box: Penthusiast Monthly Subscription
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Monthly Pen Box - Ink, Fountain Pens, and Accessories Shipped Each Month
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast Monthly Pen Subscription Box - $75 Value
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast - Delivered To Your Door
Inkredible™ Box: Penthusiast - Delivered To Your Door

Inkredible Box: Penthusiast Monthly Subscription

Regular price$75.00

The Penthusiast is our $75 monthly box, which includes a selection of several pen-related products that you get to hand select! The options include pens, ink samples, pen cases, and notepads. Just choose your interests below, and we'll tailor your box to your desires! These boxes are valued at a bare minimum of $100. For your pens, you can also choose what nib size you prefer! Brands include Conklin, Monteverde, Aurora, Visconti, Iroshizuku, Robert Oster, LAMY, Pilot, Platinum, Zoia, BENU, and many more!
*Orders placed between the 10th and 25th of the month will ship on the first of each month. All other orders ship on the 15th of each month.
Please choose 1 to 4 options
This is your box. Let us know if you have any color, brand, or other preferences.

Use Code: "PENTHUSIAST" For 50% off your first month!
*Requires a 3 month minimum commitment.

*Orders will ship within 5 business days of purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Penthusiast Subscription

I love the style of pen but not the color. No way for the company to have known given this is my first box; am looking forward to the next one.

Hit it out of the park

My first box made me cry. Holidays have been really hard for me since my grandpa, who helped raise me, passed away several years ago. He was the one who first introduced me to fountain pens, so I think of him every time I use them. And the pen in my first box was one of the Mountains of the World collection, and it was the model named after the same mountain range where he was born and raised. It really touched my heart to have such a detailed, accidental reminder of him right at Christmas. Thank you so much.

Su Buehler
Inkredible box

Hi, I recently received my Inkredible Pen subscription box, and wanted to provide some feedback. This box comes with ink samples, and I have to say, these are pretty basic. Conklin Classic. I have a collection of almost 300 inks, including shaders, shimmers and sheeners, and all different colours and I was hoping to see or try something new, not basic. Also, the pen that arrived is a Pineider Metropolis, and according to your website, when you ship this pen you include a converter, however, this did not come with a converter. It came with the Snorkel, but that isn't usable without a converter. Sorry to say that this is the first box I haven't been happy with.

Vicky Esperanza
Last box

I loved the box, although the ink in with the Fountain Pen blew up and was all over the inside of the box.
Other than that, lovely pens...thank you.

3 Months in and still ecstatic!

Today's box arrived on my birthday, and provided a pen that is not only a new release color, but one I had been wanting to purchase but hadn't yet! All 3 sets of ink samples have been very different, providing me with a diverse set of colors and inks with various properties (waterproof, sheening, etc.) from a variety of brands, several which I have never tried. My first 2 boxes offered pens from 2 brands that I am fond of (and own several) but with really different finishes that I would not ordinarily have selected. I am very happy with them because they put some variety into my pen collection! This truly is a great value, and offers a wonderful surprise to look forward to each month! I was only going to keep the subscription for 6 months, but will probably continue it longer. Great for pen/ink sample swaps if you belong to a pen club or pen pal group, and also great for newbies beginning their journey into the hobby!

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