Top 10 Leather Pen Cases - Esterbrook Leather 6-Pen Case

Our 10 Favorite Leather Pen Cases

Before you entered the world of luxurious fountain pens, you probably just chucked whatever writing device you needed into the first available pocket or purse.

However, expensive fountain pens can easily be ruined if not stored properly, so it’s about time you got yourself a case to help keep your writing utensils ready to go.

We’ve compiled a list of the top leather pens cases out there to help you find what you need for when you travel with your new fountain pens.

Before we dive into our list, we want to point out that there are many types of fountain ben cases.

Some hold just a single pen while others can hold multiple. We have included various types of fountain pen cases on this list, including flap cases, zipper cases, pen sleeves, etc.


1. Rare Montblanc Florence Crocodile Leather Pen Case



This gem among pen cases is the epitome of luxurious pen accessories. It features room for one large pen, so it’s ideal for carrying your most prized possessions.


2. Diplomat Flap Pen Case

Diplomat Flap Pen Case


The Diplomat pen case is a great option for those who want extra security, as the large flap closure makes it more difficult for your fountain pen to come loose.


3. Pineider Blue Leather Multi-Pen Case

Pineider Blue Leather Multi-Pen Case


This velvet-lined multi-pen case is ideal for holding your most precious fountain pens. The soft interior helps prevent unwanted scratches while the magnetic closure holds all your pens securely in place.


4. Montblanc Sienna Leather Pen Case

Montblanc Sienna Leather Pen Case

This flap-style pen case comes in a one, two, or three-pen option, as well as an OLD or NEW style design.


Like other flap cases, it offers high security to keep your pens in place until you’re ready to write.


The Old-Style cases feature a ribbon shaped flap that tapers at the edges, while the New-Style cases feature a solid flap that is the same width from start to finish.


5. Cartier Paris Black Leather Single One Pen Case

Cartier Paris Black Leather Single One Pen Case


The Cartier Paris Black Leather Pen Case is a classic design that never gets old.


It features a flap closure for added security and a luxurious leather construction.


6. ST Dupont Fire Head Black Soft Diamond Leather Single Pen Case

ST Dupont Fire Head Black Soft Diamond Leather Single Pen Case


This rare pen case features a textured leather design and a secure flap closure. It can be hard to find, so if you see one you like be sure to grab it quick!


7. Maxwell-Scott Pienza Leather Pen Case

Maxwell-Scott Pienza Leather Pen Case


This pen case is handcrafted from premium Italian leather. It features a secured flap closure and a timeless design that will never go out of style.


It holds up to four pens or pencils inside.


8. Montblanc Meisterstück Soft Grain 2-Pen Pouch

Montblanc Meisterstück Soft Grain 2-Pen Pouch

Unfold this simple leather pen case and you’ll find two perfect pockets for up to two of your favorite fountain pens.


The fold-and-snap closure keeps everything secure as you travel, so your writing instruments will be ready to go when you arrive.


9. Levenger Bomber Jacket Pen Case with Pouch

Levenger Bomber Jacket Pen Case with Pouch

This luxurious full-grain leather pen case holds up to seven pens and included a middle pouch for your various pen accessories, such as ink, erasers, and other small items.


10. Esterbrook Navy Pen Nook

Esterbrook Navy Pen Nook


The Esterbrook Navy Pen Nook is available as a single-pen, two-pen, three-pen, six-pen, or even twelve-pen leather case.

It offers a sleek design with contrast red stitching and silver hardware. A snapping flap closure keeps things secure while individual cushioned sections help protect against scratches.

 We hope one of these luxurious leather pens cases will be the ideal fit for your fountain pen collection. Shop our full collection of pen cases at Truphae now to get the best protection for your pens.

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