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Get to Know Moonman, An Exciting New Fountain Pen Brand

Look out fountain pen collectors, because there’s a new pen manufacturer that’s been gaining traction and causing excitement in the fountain pen market. Yes, today we’re talking about Moonman, the new kid on the block who offers incredible pens at even better prices.

Moonman has been attracting quite a lot of attention as one of the newer, more affordable fountain pen brands available. While it’s clear that these pens are taking the market by storm, there’s not much known about the manufacturer of these pens, although after a bit of digging around online, it’s clear they come from a Chinese pen company called Shanghai Jingdian.

It’s said that Moonman was designed by a few Chinese fountain pen enthusiasts at Shanghai Jingdian who were eager to complete their collections with some high-performing, everyday writing instruments. Based on the buzz surrounding Moonman in the fountain pen industry, it’s clear they have succeeded in creating a quality product that people are dying to get their hands on.

From what we can tell, these must be some of the most affordable fountain pens you can buy without sacrificing too much of the quality. We’ve seen how incredible these pens are for their low price points, so let’s take a look at some of the more popular Moonman fountain pens you can buy right here at Truphae. 

Moonman M2 Fountain Pen

Moonman M2 Fountain Pen

The Moonman M2 seems to be one of the more sought-after models produced. It’s an eyedropper-fill fountain pen that has quite an impressive ink capacity. This makes it a great everyday option for those who like to write for long periods of time without needing to top off their ink supply too quickly. For those who enjoy writing with colored inks, you can easily peer into the clear demonstrator body that’s crafted out of resin in a signature torpedo shape to see your ink sloshing around.

Additionally, on the Moonman M2, a clipless pen cap posts securely on the back of the tapered barrel, while a fine-writing stainless steel nib boasts a beautiful, intricate design carved into it. For under $25.00 USD, this is an absolute steal for your fountain pen collection.

Moonman M600S Fountain Pen

Moonman M600S Fountain Pen

Another great Moonman pen is the M600S fountain pen, which is available in a variety of beautiful colors with acrylic resin bodies for just $30.00 USD. Choose from colors such as Blue, Ice Blue, Teal, Ice Teal, and Purple with swirling patterns that easily attract the eye. These pens are cartridge converter filled, and they come with their own international converter for you to use, if you purchase on our website. They have a fine, gold-colored nib with signature Moonman details engraved into them.  

Moonman M100 Fountain Pen

Moonman M100 Fountain Pen

The Moonman M100 fountain pen is also a great choice at just under $50.00 USD. This fountain pen is available in a few moody color options, which are called Art Genre, Dark Rose, Green Sea Quicksand, and Renaissance. Art Genre has to be our favorite color selection, as the delicate blend of black, brown, and blue makes this a truly remarkable looking pen. Like the M600S above, the M100 is also a cartridge converter filled fountain pen, so it will also come with an international converter with your purchase.

It seems that most Moonman fountain pens, at least the ones we carry here at Truphae, will only cost you between $20.00 and $50.00 USD. It’s certainly hard to argue with that price when you consider the quality you’re getting. We can easily see why the Moonman brand has become such a popular option for fountain pen collectors, and it’s something we’re definitely keeping on our radar for now.

If you’re curious to try out a Moonman pen for yourself, be sure to check out our current selection of Moonman fountain pens to see what we have available! Our team is always working to bring you new and exciting options for your fountain pen collection, so check back frequently to see if we’ve added any new products!

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