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LAMY AL-Star Bronze Review: Definitely Not Third Place

If gold and silver are your priorities, let it be our job to introduce you to something that most definitely shouldn’t stay third place in your mind: the LAMY AL-Star Bronze.

LAMY Al-Star Bronze Fountain Pen

If you’re not familiar with LAMY, this German-based company has roots going back all the way to 1930 when C. Josef Lamy (an export manager for an American writing instruments company) created his own business.

From a streamlined fountain pen known as the LAMY 27 in 1952, to the LAMY 2000 in 1966, to the famous LAMY Safari in the 80s – the brand has certainly undergone growth, changes, and tons of innovation.

The 80s also saw LAMY introduce the manufacturing of writing instrument clips, nibs, refills, and ink cartridges directly in-house – culminating in its own ink production in 1989. Now known as one of the greatest pen brands in the world, LAMY happily celebrates both satisfying decades of customers and revolutionizing the pen industry.

The AL-Star Bronze is one of their newest ventures that is sure to continue satisfying LAMY fans around the world. What a brand, and what a color!

Bronze LAMY Al-Star Pen With Black LAMY Ink


The LAMY Bronze

Bronze: the official color of the LAMY special edition AL-Star for 2019! If you haven’t been following LAMY in depth, but know about the LAMY Safari, the AL-Star is extremely similar, except it’s produced in aluminum (known as the “light aluminum experience”). For a full rundown on these two pens, check out our blog post, Battle Series: LAMY AL-Star vs. LAMY Safari.

Featuring an interchangeable silver steel nib (offered in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad), metal clip, and ergonomic plastic grip, this pen is totally ready to go. The AL-Star Bronze is even sent with a LAMY T10 blue ink cartridge to get you going even MORE quickly; however, if you prefer ink from the bottle, the Z28 converter can be purchased separately. We also have the stunning T52 Bronze ink! The light feel of the pen, combined with the fun new color and totally trustworthy writing experience, makes the Bronze a no-brainer.

Bronze LAMY Al-Star - T52 Ink Writing


Bronze for the Win

The Al-Star Bronze is not the only winning piece to come out of the LAMY company. From German Design Awards to European Union Design Awards, LAMY is used to being a prized and award-winning company. Frequently known for not only their amazing design, but also the great value for the amount of money invested, it’s hard to find a better place to start than with LAMY.

If you’re a current collector that hasn’t experienced this brand (maybe you prefer Italian or US-made pieces), or if you’re a brand new enthusiast just beginning your fountain pen journey, look no further. Just visit our site for not only more info on the LAMY AL-Star Bronze, but also for a huge amount of LAMY varieties to choose from. And if you follow us on social media, be on the lookout for a surprise coming up very soon – we may just be giving away something (or some THINGS!) very special in the month of April! We love to show our customers how they can #BeInkredible!

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