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Travel to the Unknown: The Pilot Explorers

Pilot has been producing some of the world’s best pens since 1918.

They’ve been so great at it, that they even have trademarks on additional name brands (which are just as familiar as the term “Pilot”).

From affordable gel & ballpoints such as the G2 and the EasyTouch to the more expensive fountain pens such as the Namiki and the Vanishing Point, Pilot has made not only its own name, but also its family of brand names, widely known.

And did you know that they not only make pens, but also stationery, markers, and believe it or not, a line of jewelry?!

One of our favorite new releases from Pilot, however, is the Explorer line.

Turquoise Blue and Pink Pilot Explorer With Custom Nib


The Explorers

If you’re looking to get into fountain pens, but you don’t want to make a huge investment, Pilot is truly the way to go.

In fact, the Explorer line features pens that are not only a non-huge investment; in fact, they’re actually a quite small investment! Starting at just under $25, these pens are the perfect way to discover if fountain pen writing is for you – or to give as a gift for someone who is just beginning their fountain pen hobby.

If fountain pen writing is an unknown to you, this is one way to see what all the fuss is about. (And you may just become addicts like we are!)

Or, if you’ve already been writing with fountain pens for years, but maybe just haven’t given Pilot a try yet, this is also a wonderful way to explore a new brand and see how it suits your preferences.

Turquoise Blue Pilot Explorer With Christmas Wreath


One of the best characteristics of these pens is that they come in a huge array of colors. In fact, you could own all 6 designs and still spend less than $150 in total!

The current selection includes blue, lime green, red, dark grey, pink magenta, and turquoise blue. (Our top two favorites are the magenta and turquoise blue!) These resin pens come in a beautiful matte metallic finish with a black trim.

You can also expect to find a snap cap and a stainless steel nib. Although they all come with a Pilot ink cartridge, you can also use a CON-40 twist piston converter for bottled ink (sold separately). The Pilot Explorer is currently available in our store with a Fine or Medium nib selection. Broad nibs can be ordered by special request!

Festive Red and Green Pilot Explorer Fountain Pens


Discover a New World

Less than $25 for a colorful, sturdy, and trustworthy fountain pen?

Yeah, it doesn’t seem possible, but it’s totally true! If you want to view the different colors offered in more detail, feel free to check them out on our site.

You can also watch our social media pages for when we share these and other fountain pens from Pilot – just head to www.facebook.com/truphaeinc or @truphae_inc on Instagram. In addition to pen spotlights, you’ll also find out more about our monthly contests & giveaways – you won’t want to miss out!

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