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Should You Buy A Preowned Montblanc Pen? Top 5 Things To Look For

Montblanc is a luxury brand that has been manufacturing top tier fountain pens for many years.

Owning a fountain pen, new or pre-owned, is totally different from owning an everyday pen. Montblanc fountain pens represent a rich history.

Montblanc Boheme Citrine Pen Cap - Iconic Montblanc Logo

These globally recognized pens are known for showcasing elegance, and status while effortlessly providing a smooth and stylish writing experience.

If you are searching for the ultimate statement piece that not only catches the eye but also takes your writing experience to the next level, then buying a pre-owned Montblanc fountain pen is a no brainer.

However, it may be hard to judge the used quality and authenticity when purchasing these pens online. To ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck without being cheated into buying a counterfeit or faulty product, learn more here to determine whether your next used Montblanc fountain pen is worth the cost.

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Pre-Owned Montblanc Fountain Pens

Montblanc fountain pens are timeless beauties that were crafted with true artistic vision.

As the years pass, these pens are being updated regularly as new and better technologies are introduced to the market. Although they are a bit pricey, those who know the value of a handwritten document will not overlook the benefits of buying such fine quality pens.

If you want the satisfaction of owning your own Montblanc fountain pen without paying full retail price, a pre-owned Montblanc fountain pen is the way to go. 

What to Look for When Purchasing a Pre-Owned Montblanc Fountain Pen?

Check the Condition of Its Nib

The nib of a fountain pen is considered its heart because this is where the ink meets the paper and words begin to form.

You can buy a pre-owned product that has minor scratches here and there but continues to write beautifully.

However, if you come across a product that looks aesthetically pleasing but shows poor performance then it will be of no use to you or anyone else.

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Gold Nib

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 With 750 Gold Nib - Starting at $625.00


Montblanc fountain pen nibs are handcrafted by the best, using 14 and 18 karat gold with an iridium tipping that is added to the nib. If you are planning to purchase a pre-owned fountain pen, pay attention to the detail in its nib, the material it is made up of and the condition it is in.

Verify it's nib is neither warped nor bent. Observe the nib from the side, it should be a virtually straight line, but with a very slight downward curve towards the end. When purchasing a used Montblanc product online, you can ask the resellers to provide pictures of your desired pen’s nib, before making any final decisions.

Don’t waste your money on a pen that doesn’t write. Purchase your preowned Montblanc items from a dealer you can trust to ensure your money is not spent in vain.

Look for Its Filler Mechanism – Does it Need Any Repair?

After checking the nib, the next thing to look at is its filling mechanism. A nib without a working filling mechanism is of no use to anyone. Be sure to take a look beforehand to save you time and money on the necessary repairs.

Montblanc fountain pens usually have two types of filler mechanism. Some of them have cartridge/converter setups, and some have internal piston fillers.

If you buy a fountain pen that needs ink cartridges, then all you need is to simply find a suitable cartridge for your pen.

However, if your desired pen has a piston filler mechanism then you’ll need to make sure that its piston functions accurately. It should have just the right amount of resistance - not too loose. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra to get the piston to operate properly again.

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Check Other Parts Like Cap, and Barrel.

After observing the main parts of the fountain pen, check its metal body as well. The condition of its body depends solely on how well the previous owners took care of it.

Montblanc Noblesse Oblige Blue Fountain Pen


A few scratches or dents here and there will not affect the functionality of a Montblanc fountain pen, but they may reduce the overall appearance. For instance, if a pen features a gold plated design, you may notice this wearing away. 

Make Sure it’s Authentic!

While there are many sellers of Montblanc fountain pens on the internet, not all of those resellers stock the certified original products. Many buyers today are leery of purchasing used Montblanc fountain pens due to the fear of accidentally receiving a counterfeit product. Since these pens have a much higher cost point, it is always better to confirm the authenticity of a pen before finalizing the purchase.

Here are a few things to look for when verifying the authenticity of any Montblanc fountain pen:

  • Look for the signature Montblanc star logo located on the pen’s cap. This logo should be centered and in a uniform shape.
  • Compare pens side by side to determine whether the quality is that of a true Montblanc fountain pen. If you do not currently have a pen to compare with, try looking at a high-quality photograph as a reference point.
  • Check for a serial number on the ring attached to the clip on the pen. Most Montblanc pens manufactured after 1991 include a 2 letter serial number followed by seven digits, although it has changed in recent years to include 6 letters and 3 numbers. Authentic pens will also have the word ‘Germany’ etched on the upper cap ring. While older pens do not have a serial number, they will include the ‘Germany’ etching. From 1986-1993, ‘W-Germany’ was used on the clip ring.
  • Examine the pen’s nib - this is perhaps the hardest aspect to fake. Often times when faked, the nib will include words such as ‘iridium tip’ or ‘Made in Germany’ stamped right on it. With the exception of the Montblanc Starwalker, no authentic product will have these phrases stamped on the nib. Also, inspect the nib to ensure the black section is aligned with the ink aperture.
  • Look directly into the barrel of the pen using a flashlight. Montblanc pens feature a precious black resin lining that will produce a deep red glow when illuminated with light. Many fakes often produce a weak blue tint when you shine a light into the barrel. If you’re planning to purchase online, ask the reseller to send you a photo demonstrating this feature.
  • All Montblanc fountain pens come with a service guide that has the company’s original logo printed on it. Inside this service guide, there will be a certificate of authenticity as well. Check whether the serial number engraved on the pen matches the serial number written on the certificate or not. This is typically only verifiable if the pen was originally purchased from a Montblanc boutique. Many times, even those purchased from the Montblanc website will not have a stamped guide. If it is not stamped and serialized, have no fear as this does not necessarily mean it is inauthentic. Montblanc also offers an ‘authenticity of products’ service on their website. Here they will verify the serial number with their purchase records and in the case that you are without a certificate of authenticity, they will issue a new one upon authenticating the product.


Buy from a Trustworthy Seller

Whether you are a fountain pen collector or a writer who enjoys using the best pens, Montblanc is known for its quality, globally.

However, with quality comes a price, and generally Montblanc pens have a much higher price compared to other fountain pens. When purchasing an item of such significant value, you’ll want to find a trustworthy reseller.

With so many resellers out there, It’s best to do your homework before reaching out.

Remember to ask questions, and discuss the condition as well as the authenticity of the item before finalizing the purchase to ensure you’re spending your money wisely. 

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  • Judy Wheaton

    I have a Mont Blanc pen gifted to me in 2004. The booklet model number is 8485 and the number on the box is 1029957. When it was given to me, I was told that it was a fineliner pen.

    I have to purchase refills for it, as it’s been in storage for almost 20 years. Can you please help me identify the pen and tell me which and where I may purchase refills.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • Edward Schwartz

    Do you buy Mont Blanc. I am interested in selling a set in original case. Ball point and lead Burgundy with gold.

  • Lynne Diamond-Nigh

    Bought a used Montblanc from Truphae about a year ago and it works perfectly. So happy to have it.

  • Sheila Handy

    I have a Mont Blanc Rollerball. I think. Lol I am older and have tremors so it is hard for me to see numbers. Do you offer authentification services? I would possibly be interested in selling this if its the real deal.



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